Curated Exhibition by Hossein Farmani

Curator Statement

2021 has been a year of increasing challenges and escalating crisis on multiple fronts. It shown us that a global pandemic is a health crisis, an economic crisis, an education crisis, an inequality crisis, and so much more. And highlighted economic and social inequalities have in turn fuelled mass protests and conflicts around the world.

I made my selection from over 380 compelling stories that had been submitted to this year’s Px3 State of the World from around the globe, and it was an incredibly challenging task as every story is important and significant in its own way.

These stories are a glimpse into what is happening around us, through the lens of these great professional and amateur photographers, who shared the stories of what they have witnessed personally and captured for us, speaking louder than words.

In Africa we are transported from the healing waters of Dakar, Senegal, to Tanzanians experiencing violence against albinism, to droughts in Kenya, to floods in South Sudan.

In America we see El Marro in Mexico dealing with drug cartels; Black Lives Matter activists confronting facing Trump supporters in Florida; the Insurrection in Washington; California wildfires exacerbated by drought and climate change.

Around the world are stories of the impact of Covid, those dealing with mental illness because of isolation, everyday heroes on the frontlines of the pandemic.

We see stories of local and regional conflict and the impact of the ongoing struggle in so many areas; we are inspired by images of the all-girls orchestra in Afghanistan; we get a glimpse of life in war-torn Gaza, and travel beyond through these incredible photos to places that would otherwise be out of our reach.

Let us drink in these images, let us open our eyes and let them speak to us, giving us a better understanding of those around us and far from us, showing us that we are united in our struggles, in our joys, in our humanity.

STATE OF THE WORLD 2021 Curatorial Selection