Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is considered a professional photographer?
  • We consider professional photographers those who earn, or have earned, the majority of their income from photography, and who sell or publish their work regularly, and belong to professional photography organizations.
  • What is considered a series?
  • A series consists of a maximum of 8 images and 1 cover photo, sharing a common theme or concept and a single title. Make sure all your images in a series are strong. Your work will be judged as a whole not individually.
  • Can I mail my submission?
  • Since all of our judging is done online, we no longer except mailed in submissions.
  • What size should the digital files be?
  • Digital images should be in sRGB format and not exceed 4000 pixels and 4 MB per file. Save as JPG compression High, and minimum 1000 pixels on the longest side.
  • What are the ‘Book’ and ‘Book Proposals’ categories?
  • The Book category is for designed and published photography books. The Book Proposals category is for photography books ready to be published but without a publisher.
  • How should I submit an entry to the Book or Book Proposal Category?
  • Complete the online submission form in the same way as other categories and upload 9 images from the book as a sampling for the Jury–this should include the 1 cover image and 8 other images from the book.
  • How can I pay for the photographs that I submit?
  • We accept Visa and Master cards or Paypal at the moment.
  • Can I enter one photograph into multiple categories?
  • Yes, you may enter the same photograph into as many categories as you want, and doing so may increase your chances of winning. There is a small fee for each additional category.
  • What is the P×3 Copyright policy & How can P×3 use my photographs?
  • The photographer always retains the copyright of his image. P×3 has the right to use your submitted photographs for the annual exhibition(s) and the P×3 book of the year if you are a winner. P×3 may also use your work for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to P×3 only, with the appropriate citation/credit.
  • What is the time of the final deadline?
  • We accept online entries until midnight, Central European Time, on the final deadline.
  • Where will the prints go after the exhibit?
  • P×3 will never sell your prints. We will have a traveling show for one year to publicize the winning images. The prints will be archived at P×3 safe storage for possible inclusion in “Best of 5, 10, etc. Years” shows. Photographers can request that P×3 destroy or return the prints. On the back of each print that we make or receive, there is a stamp that says: “NON ARCHIVAL PRINTS, Not for sale. Return to P×3”
  • What happens if someone wants to buy my prints?
  • P×3 will put the interested person in touch with you or your gallery. P×3 is not in the business of selling prints.
  • What do winners receive?

Px3 Photographer of the Year 
$5,000 cash prize. The Photographer of the Year is chosen from among the 1st prize winners in each of the 6 Pro Categories. The winner’s work is publicized internationally, receives the spotlight at all events, is exhibited in Paris, and published in the P×3 Annual Book.

Px3 Best New Talent of the Year 
$2,000 cash prize. The winner is chosen from the 1st prize winners in the 6 Non-Pro/Student categories. The work is publicized and exhibited in Paris, and published in the P×3 Annual Book.

First Place Category Winners professional will receive $500 cash prize, while First place Category Winners Amateur/Student will receive $250 cash prize.

First place winners’ work will be exhibited at the Px3 Exhibition in Paris. All first place winners from both the professional and non-professional categories will receive a P×3 certificate, personalized press release, and a P×3 winner’s logo for professional purposes.

Other Category Winners 

Other category winners will enjoy extensive publicity throughout the following year in addition to the following benefits:
–    Published winning images in the Annual Px3 Book and showcased in the online exhibition
–    Press release and newsletter announcements to over 90,000
–    Online printable Px3 certificate of achievement
–    Winner’s logo to be used online and on printed materials


Early Bird Deadline (10%): January 31, 2023
Regular Deadline: May 8, 2023