Mauricio Ledesma

Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración / American Ilustration - American Photography / Project Manager

Mauricio Ledesma is a project manager at American Illustration-American Photography in New York City, the leading juried annuals in hardcover that showcase the year’s best editorial, commercial and fine artwork.  He also runs the Latin American Fotografía and Ilustración show, organizing touring exhibitions of the winning collections, that provide a cultural exchange of art and ideas between Latin America and the United States. Mauricio was born in Cali, Colombia where he worked in advertising as a copywriter for various agencies.

Past Jury

Bernard Utudjian Galerie Polaris

Christine Ollier Filles du Calvaire

Françoise Paviot Galerie Françoise Paviot

Jean Francois Camp Espace Dupon

Patricia Lanza Annenberg Space for Photography

Patrick Kahn SNAP! photo festival

Rebecca McClelland New Statesman Magazine

Tatiana Kurtanova Journal of Portfolio / FotoLoft Gallery

Viviane Esders Expert près la Cour d'Appel de Paris