Marlene Picard

Osceola Refetoff

Photographer / Photojournalist and Curator

Osceola Refetoff’s interest is in documenting humanity’s impact on the world – both the intersection of nature and industry and the narratives of the people living at those crossroads. A native Chicagoan, Osceola is half Danish, half Bulgarian, and half Canadian. He holds an M.F.A. from New York University’s Graduate Film Program, and both his art and editorial photography have been featured in Artillery, Fabrik, and The New York Times, amongst many other venues. His current focus is an expansive set of photographic portfolios surveying the human presence in the deserts of the American West; in particular High & Dry, a long-term collaboration with writer/historian Christopher Langley. The ongoing project explores the future and legacy of human activity on those arid lands and is regularly syndicated on KCET’s Emmy-winning program Artbound. Refetoff lives in Los Angeles Chinatown, where he operates Chungking Studio, a production and exhibition space on historic Chung King Road.

Photo credit: Marlene Picard

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