Fausto Marci

Fausto Marci

Melkart Gallery / Freelancer

Born in 1965, Cagliari, Italy, Fausto moved to Paris in 2004.  Fausto began to study photography when he was 15 y.o. In 1994 founded his own photo-studio laboratory PhotoNetwork in Italy. He started as a street and portraits photographer and covered the visual communication of a dance company, Carovana-SMI. His main focus and research are on human body and soul. At the end of 90’s, he studied photography with Arno Rafael Minkinnen and John Goodman then start working as a photographer and manager of the English press-agency “Spread Pictures”  position. Currently, he is a freelancer. Fausto founded Melkart Gallery Paris in 2015, which is moved to Nice.

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