Leila Moghtader

Canal+ Group / Head of the Photographic department

Leila Moghtader was born in Iran into an art loving family. Her father was a renowned architect and her mother was the owner & artistic director of The Litho Gallery, the first gallery to introduce lithography in Iran.

After receiving her Bachelors degree in English literature & photographic studies in Paris, Leila worked as a customer manager in several professional photographic laboratories including Dupon where she collaborated with prestigious photographers, Magnum and La Maison Européenne de la Photo.

Since 1999, she has worked for Canal+, a French premium television channel which was launched in 1984.

Currently Leila is the Head of the Photographic department at Canal+ Group, in charge of organizing photo shoots for the promotion and advertisement of their programs in Cinema, Television film series, Documentaries, Sports events and the News.

During her tenure at Canal +, she never stopped her own photographic career, always carrying her Nikon & Fuji cameras with her.

She participated in several solo & group exhibitions in Paris & Tehran.

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