Michket krifa

Michket Krifa

Artistic Director / Curator of Visual Arts from Africa and the Middle East

Author, artistic director and curator of visual arts from Africa and the Middle East, Michket Krifa is French-Tunisian and lives and works in Paris. She has led numerous thematic exhibitions and publications on Iran, Tunisia, Algeria and Palestine, women issues as well as curating single-artist shows for Youssef Nabil, Georges Osodi, Abbas, Hassan Hajjaj, Maimouna Guerresi, Jananne Al Ani, Fazal Sheikh, David Goldblatt, Abbas ,Shadi Ghadirian, among others. Artistic director of the Bamako encounters of photography from 2009 to 2014, she also was the curator for the Photoquai Biennale on 2015. She published a lot of books, catalogues and essays Her publications include Arab Photography Now, the first book on Arab photography published in 2011 and co-edited with Rose Issa.

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