Curated Exhibition by Hossein Farmani

State of the World 2023
Curator Statement

I'm honored to guide you on a journey across the world, offering a glimpse through the lenses of exceptional professional and amateur photographers. After reviewing all the outstanding entries submitted this year, each one narrating a compelling story, many touching my heart, I've selected 30 works that shed light on our world's current state.

Ukraine's stories showcase both heart-wrenching suffering and incredible courage, while Russia's use of children for military training does not surprise us. In Iran and Israel, people rise against ultra-conservative government policies. China's traditional matchmaking culture contrasts Myanmar's young people struggle against military rulers. In Africa, climate-related injustice persists alongside ongoing drought. Amid Brazil's Lula da Silva's election celebrations, visible street struggles with crack addiction emerge. Family farms decline, mock shootings in classrooms surface, and ravaging fires devastate the USA. Pope Francis embraces Canadian indigenous customs, emphasizing universal religious celebrations, as seen in Lamu Town, Kenya, and Guatemala.

I've also selected stories addressing contemporary social concerns, from London's gay pride to Zurich's feminist strike. Many other tales span the globe, providing insight into our world. My hope is that these stories foster compassion, nurturing an appreciation for our shared humanity and diverse perspectives.

Hossein Farmani
Founder, PX3

STATE OF THE WORLD 2023 Curatorial Selection