orange car on the road by the beach

“Summertime” on 2021 PX3 Winner Photos

August 10, 2022

In this compilation, we wish to capture the delightful spirit of summer through the stunning images of the 2021 PX3 winners. The chosen images evoke feelings of enthusiasm and vibrancy, which is why they make us think of the summertime. Hopefully, they'll give you the same impression!

man with a red balloon

14 Variations on the Theme of Yi Yi - Leung Wai Yeung, Ray

Poster for the Hong Kong-based Edward Lam Dance Theatre's theatrical performance of "14 Variations on the Theme of Yi Yi." Yi Yi: a One and a Two, a film by Edward Yang, served as inspiration for the theater performance. In this theater play poster, the red balloons from the original movie posters were utilized. The precise instant the balloon covers the actor's face in the photograph, producing a "Magrittesque" picture, is captured.

Secrets - Jeanette Hagglund

Ricardo Bofill's "Secrets" is a minimalistic study of Calpe's Muralla Roja.

colorful building
orange car on the road by the beach

a sign of autumn - Takahiro Kurita

A well-kept ancient automobile slowed down as it traveled the coast road one day near the end of the summer. The twilight sky behind the automobile was painted in autumnal hues. The photographer received the impression that this automobile, which had been traveling under such a lovely sky for years, had once again brought autumn to him.

Centinel in the sea - Lourdes GOMEZ FERNANDEZ

Since its 1848 inauguration, the charming Petit Minou lighthouse has been illuminating Brest's rugged coastline and assisting mariners in making their way back to shore.

Centinel in the sea
swimmers by the pool

Geometric Mermaids - Brad Walls

A group of creative (formerly synchronized) swimmers participated in the end of 2020 filming of the Geometric Mermaids series. With this series, the photographer wanted to present a different perspective of one of the most attractive sports, which is frequently missed without an aerial shot.

All About Perspective - Alex Blackburn

Here, the photographer demonstrates how the light can alter how we perceive the rocks and cliffs of Northern California, each of which has its own personality. "We all inhabit the same enormous rock, which is covered in either plants that provide us oxygen to breathe or humans with whom we may engage. We need to be grateful for what this enormous rock has to give. We are all a part of the same ecosystem, society, and planet. And I'm trying to illustrate in this series what exactly we should be grateful for."

sunset on the beach
SUPs from above

Ride the wind and the waves - Li,Po-Yi

The term "SUP" has gained a lot of popularity recently. The photographer was photographed during a vacation to Lanyu, Taiwan, where he just fell in love with, under the direction of experienced trainers, regardless of who can ride the SUP stand-up sailboat on the sea in a sophisticated and graceful style.

2020 S2O Taiwan Songkran - chen che wang

Mix Edition S2O Taiwan hosts the first water-splashing music event ever.

stage on a music festival
artist on a festival in taiwan

Taiwan's Ba Jia Jiang - casperphoto

Ba Jia Jiang is a significant creative group that also contributes to the peak of the regional worship festivals at Taiwan temple fairs. People are constantly impressed by Ba Jia Jiang's costumes, make-up, and configuration changes when they appear in the worship procession.

living habit - Wang Ke Xuan

"We don't need to question their wisdom or predict that we would soon regret our choices because they helped us reach our current state. Because we don't always follow the standard operating procedure and because there are too many of us to value, we are not machines. The key to choosing your life's purpose and determining your course of action is the thought you have at this second."

girl standing by the beach

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