Honorable Mentions from Px3 2021 Edition that have Won our Hearts

March 28, 2022

Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris committee gets hundreds of outstanding images each year, making the selection process more difficult than ever. Our favorite Px3 Honorable Mentions from 2021 offer us fresh viewpoints in all of the categories, despite the fact that they weren't picked as category winners. 

monk boy

Magic - chiara felmini

Pagodas in Bagan, or at least those that are large enough, can be entered. They are accustomed to having monks accompany them during their prayers, which are always accompanied by lit candles and perfumed incense. Light occasionally penetrates in more or less huge beams, and when a monk plays with this light and stares at you, you know the voyage was worthwhile.

Greedy Otherworld -Kouta Takahashi

The pedestrians reflected in Tokyo's display windows, which are plastered with commercial photos, appear to be under the power of human desire. The commercial images that saturate the streets encourage individuals to buy things and even modify their thoughts and conduct. As though attracted by the vortex of want unleashed by consumer culture, photographers have relocated from rural to urban locations. Is capitalism's goal to create and use desire beneficial for people and the environment?

reflexion of an eye poster in the window
paper collage of three women

Countess Card Sharp - Paul Biddle

The photographer intended to be a painter at first, but he was poor at drawing, and thankfully, he was taught the basics of black and white photography while in art school. His most recent series, Chimerical Creatures, is a digital collage in which he used Photoshop to fuse photographs he photographed at museums as well as images from museums with images from the public domain. He enjoys creating images that he hopes will encourage the spectator to create their own narrative around them. He believes that this series has the ability to provide some of the most intriguing storylines.

Rhosilli Bay - Jack Savage

A lone individual, engulfed by the expanse of nature, is recorded as a microcosm. An tribute to the heritage of black & white photography, monochromatic tones and shadows predominate. Because the photographer is half-Welsh, Rhosilli Beach has played an important role in his youth and later adult life. A location where the exceptional rough and timeless beauty of the land takes precedence above all else.

a person walking on the empty beach
tribe in ethiopia

The Art of Disappearing attempts to raise awareness to the Arbore tribe's slow extinction in Ethiopia, where its remaining 2,300 people presently reside. Their way of life is changing as a result of road modernisation and greater visitor access. The series on display is a small component of a bigger ongoing project in which the artist attempts to expose to the audience the underlying threat that the Arbores face as they adjust to their new circumstances. The text on the photographs is intended to depict the visitors' and residents' opposing points of view.

Hello, Baoyu - Leung Wai Yeung, Ray

The image series was created to promote and sell a theater show called "Hello, Baoyu," which was based on the Chinese classic literature "The Dream of the Red Chamber." Freespace, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authorities, and Hong Kong's Edward Lam Dance Theatre are collaborating on the project.

two man in black and white
colorful wall

The most colorful retail mall façade in Munich.
Munich's MIRA Shopping Center first opened its doors in 2008. Parts of the facades were composed of colorful lacquered metal panels that were arranged in prisms on the walls. Because the prisms' surfaces have various hues, the façade appears in distinct colors from the southwest and northwest. Between the two, a slow transition occurs, causing the building to alter dynamically as one passes by. In addition to the colorful panels, the façade has polished aluminum panels that reflect the sky and adjacent structures.

Covered sky - Renata Vale

Although the ceiling is an important component of most architectural structures, its role is not usually restricted to the roof. Covered Sky depicts several perspectives of what is above us, emphasizing the small elements that alter the perception of space via construction.

a beautiful ceiling
dreams c, surreal photographyome true

These were the photographer's confined-space fantasies. There were several threats all around me. Her dead animals came to life when she saw them, and their corpses took on new lives. She also regarded herself as a prisoner in her own body. These fantasies were absurd, much like life. She didn't want to wake up since she liked this place.

Desert Garden - Luis Marino

These images are part of a series of still life that the photographer began working on this year, 2021. He is utilizing dry plants from the mountains surrounding his home, which is located in the southeast of Spain and faces the Mediterranean Sea. Climate change is hastening the impacts there. It's a site in the midst of the desertification process.

dry flowers

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