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Geometric Mermaids

The series Geometric Mermaids was shot at the end of 2020, with a team of artistic (formerly synchronised) swimmers. I took this series to showcase an alternative view of one of the most beautiful sports, which often can be lost without the picture from above.

Brad Walls was born in 1992, he currently lives in Sydney, Australia. Despite studying Science, his preferred artistic medium is Aerial Photography. From 2019 to the present, Brad has been refining his style garnering international acclaim, setting new precedents in photographic expression. Defining a new era of Aerial Photography and the recipient of several prestigious awards, Brad has attracted features in Washington Post, Guardian, CNN and multiple other publications around the world; his work is frequently in the limelight of social media.

Awards Fine Art Photography Award - 2nd (Conceptual)

Fine Art Photography Award - 2x Nominations (Open, People)

Winner, Commarts ‘for sale’, 2021

Sony World Organisation, lifestyle, 2021

Sony World Organisation, Motion, 2021

Winner, Sport category - Aerial Photo Awards - Paris, France, 2020

2nd place, People category - Aerial Photo Awards - Paris, France, 2020

Runner up, Drone Photo Awards - Siena, Italy, 2020

Most influential Aerial photographer in 2019/2020