a person walking alone in the desert

Earth Day with Px3 2021 Winner Photos

April 22, 2022

Every year on April 22nd, Earth Day commemorates the 1970 start of the contemporary environmental movement. Earth Day is now generally acknowledged as the world's largest secular celebration, with over a billion people participating each year in a day of action to improve human behavior and implement global, national, and local policy reforms.
We want to celebrate and raise awareness about the need of fighting for our planet and appreciating all of its beauty. Enjoy this compilation of Px3 2021 winners in the Nature category, which includes some of the stunning professional images submitted to the competition.

a human and a monkey hand reaches for each other

A Beautiful Sadness - David Williams

A lovely melancholy. When the photographer observes animals in the Zoo, he feels like this. This is not because he despises zoos. In fact, he feels that the Zoo is the final refuge for many animals. This series is more about how sad it is that we, as a species, put these creatures in the Zoo, which began as a place of entertainment and profit and has evolved into a place of survival through time. What caused this to happen? Poaching, illicit farming, greed, and total disrespect for nature are all examples of environmental degradation. He wanted to convey the beauty of these creatures while also conveying a sense of loss for them.

Magnificence Of Desert - Babak Mehrafshar

This photograph was shot in Iran's Isfahan Province's Khara Desert. The terrain is magnificent, and the Khara sand dunes are a fantastic area for meditation or desert running. The photographer could hardly see his friend strolling through the sand dunes on a highly windy day. So he rode the wind, viewed the panorama through the lens of his camera, and ultimately recorded this moment of the desert's majesty.

a person walking alone in the desert
avatar mountain

The avatar mountain - Alexandre Manuel

Photographed at Zhangjiajie Mountain, popularly known as Avatar Mountain after the author of the film of the same name.

Shark Bay - Yi Sun

If the photographer could only photograph one area on the planet, it would have to be Shark Bay. The Shark Bay World Heritage Site, on the edge of the Western Australian continent, is one of the world's greatest wilderness assets. This place, he believes, offers more natural color diversity than any other spot he has seen in his more than a decade of shooting trips. These photos were obtained from a tiny Cessna 172 plane over 4500 feet above sea level at Shark Bay, Western Australia, a world heritage site. Natural colors of the highest quality may be found here.

shark bay
flower before blooming

Flower Royal - James Rowe

The photographer was constrained to shooting in his own garden during Victoria's lengthy and rigorous Covid-19 restrictions, and this is what he came up with. A collection of gorgeous flowers photographed at Healesville in the springtime.

Unity - Katja Jensen

It's sometimes just luck that you're at the right place at the right moment. Everyone was excited to meet this stallion, who had just been introduced to a herd of females. Except for the black mare in the background, who was simply going about her thing.

horses touching heads
lake eyre from above

Kati Thanda - Ingrid Hendriksen

Aerial images shot from a tiny plane of Kati Thanda, the traditional name for Lake Eyre. In the Australian desert, there lies a salt-encrusted, largely dry and bleak lake. The water forms these wonderful patterns and brushlike designs on the parched terrain when flood waters arrive from the far north on rare occasions.

Sunset In Paradise - Ingrid Vekemans

On the plains, gazelles, antelopes, and other animals congregate. It's referred to as "safety in numbers." The higher the number of animals, the better the probability of recognizing a predator and avoiding being killed. The perilous period for prey animals begins when it becomes dark. On the watch are two Thomson gazelles, a Grant gazelle, a few zebras, and a topi, which allows a few more zebras to continue grazing for a while. - Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve

gazelles, antelopes, and other animals congregate
penguins walking on the beach

Forethoughtfully - Koki Shinoda

The photographer saw a king penguin prepared to go hunting in the evening on the sandy beach of the Falkland Islands. The beach was colored gray that day, partly due to the light cloud cover, and it looked as if the penguins and the world had lost their color. He created a monochrome-like atmosphere while shooting color shots by photographing colorless penguins and beaches against the backdrop of darkened hills.

The Goddess is dancing all night - Hsiaohsin Chen

These paintings were a symbol of the fall and winter seasons in Iceland. The aurora was highly active when it burst, and the light trail was flying in an unpredictable manner. It's as though the Goddess has been dancing all night.

the aurora light in iceland

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