Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Other

Desert Garden

These photographs correspond to a series of still lives with which I have begun to work this year, 2021. I am using dry vegetation from the mountains around where I live, a place facing the Mediterranean Sea in the southeast of Spain. There, the effects of climate change are accelerating. It is a place in the process of desertification.

Luis Marino
Born in Spain in 1960.
He was living in New York between 1984 and 1985, and was a founding member of the ‘Latin American Artist Group, Inc.’. He returned to Spain in 1986 and founded ‘Grupo de Artes Plásticas Almagra’ and, in 2014, ‘Grupo Art Nostrum’.
He is a collaborating member of the ‘F-20 Photographic Association’ since 2012.

TRAINING: Professional Master in Technical Photography and Expression, UCAM University, Murcia; Postgraduate Certificate in Visual Arts, Photography and Creative Action, Miguel Hernández University.

Awards AWARDS 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 0

2 0 2 1
Nominated, Professional Fine Art Category and Conceptual Category, Fine Art Photography Awards 7th edition.
Honorable Mention, Mobile Photography Awards 10th Annual MPA, Self-Portrait.

2 0 2 0
Bronze Winner Fine Art-Moving Images (Professional), and Honorable Mention Portfolio-Fine Art (Professional), Tokyo International Foto Awards.
Photo selected in Abstract Online Art Show, organized by Grey Cube Gallery.
Juror’s choice, International Photography Exhibition ‘Dis/harmony’, PH21 Gallery Budapest.
Honorable Mention, Monochrome Photography Awards, Professional Conceptual Category.
Two Honorable Mentions, Chromatic Awards International Color Photography Contest, Professional Still Life.
Three Honorable Mentions, ‘Life on Earth’ Art Room Gallery.
Honorable Mention, IPA International Photography Awards, Professional Still in Motion / Video, Fine Art.
Honorable Mention, Professional Self-Portrait, 4th edition Monovisions Photography Awards.
Five photographs selected by the 19th University of Murcia Photography Award.
Selected by the International Photography Contest ‘Scapes’ PH21 Gallery Budapest.