Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / People

Greedy Otherworld

  • Photographer
    Kouta Takahashi

The streets of Tokyo are lined with show windows decorated with advertising photographs, and the pedestrians reflected in them seem to be under the control of human desire. And the figure seemed to be a projection of myself.
The advertising images that flood the streets promote purchasing intent and change people's attitudes and even behavior. I myself have moved from the rural areas to the cities, as if drawn by the vortex of desire unleashed by the consumer society.
Is the desire created and used by capitalism healthy for human beings and their environment?

Photographer / Born in Japan, 1986. In 2011, he participated in the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction support activities, which led me to journey alone around Japan for about five years to study society. He became interested in photography as a means of expressing the "doubts about society" that I felt during my journeys, and began creating works. Since 2019, he has been exhibiting her work both in Japan and abroad, including holding solo exhibitions and participating in art fairs.

Awards 2020 International Photography Awards |Honorable Mention
2021 Portrait of Japan |Shortlist
2021 PX3 |Honorable Mention
2022 IMA next -Open Call- |Shortlist
2022 Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award Arles |Shortlist