/ 2021 / Nature / Wildlife


On the sandy beach of the Falkland Islands, I found a king penguin about to go hunting in the evening.
Partly because it was lightly cloudy that day, the beach was dyed gray, and it was as if the penguins and the world had lost their color.
By taking pictures of such colorless penguins and beaches against the backdrop of shadowed hills, I expressed a monochrome-like world while taking color photographs.

Born in Tokyo in 1990. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at Keio University. After working for a US accounting consulting firm, embarked on a path of wildlife photography. Has been active as a professional photographer since 2017. Spends about half of the year abroad. Focuses on capturing the expression of the wild animals and their habitats in Africa, Asia, Subantarctic and other locations.

Awards 2018:Nature's Best Photography Award, Smithsonian Institute, USA
2020:Honorable Mention, Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3)