Alfonso Pinto (1st Place Winner in Press)
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Px3 Photography Awards: A Look Back on 2023

January 15, 2024

As we enter into the new year, there are many exciting things to look forward to and many happy memories to cherish. The “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” strives to promote the appreciation of photography and to discover new photo talent around the world and introduce it to the artistic community in Paris. In 2023, dozens of new photographer’s work was highlighted and the Px3 family has grown larger and stronger. Look back on the previous year with us and all the Px3 community has accomplished.

2023 Px3 Photography Competition

Every year, the work submitted to Px3 is stunning and the competition is fierce. The esteemed jury selects both category winners as well as the Photographer of the Year and Best New Talent. Let us look back on this year’s award winning photography that was featured by Px3.

Photographer of the Year

Imperium: Ukrainians Endure by Michael Robinson Chavez

Photojournalist Michael Robinson Chavez explores the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the war entered into its second year. His photography is focused on the destruction of these Ukrainian cities and the lives of the affected people in them.

Dark cloud of smoke over a black and white city.
Dark silhouette of a woman in a dress in front of a foggy background of a forest.

Best New Talent

Anna by Anna Ligus

Made during the pandemic, Ligus's series of self portraits aimed to be a form of therapy for her as she explored her sadness and isolation. Due to the timing of the project, Ligus was able to work entirely independent and without input from others leading to her most personal and intimate series yet.

2023 Winners Exhibition and State of the World

One of our favorite parts of the Annual Prix de la Photographie is coming together and celebrating the fantastic work that was chosen. From November 7th - 12th, the first and second place Px3 winner’s work was displayed at Galerie 24b in the heart of Paris, France. Alongside the Px3 winners was a selection of photojournalistic work from around the globe curated by Px3 founder Hossein Farmani. Below is an excerpt of Farmani’s curator statement:

“I've also selected stories addressing contemporary social concerns, from London's gay pride to Zurich's feminist strike. Many other tales span the globe, providing insight into our world. My hope is that these stories foster compassion, nurturing an appreciation for our shared humanity and diverse perspectives.”

-Hossein Farmani, Curator and Founder, Px3

Poster for 2023 Px3 Exhibition featuring a close up of a swimming polar bear.
Collage of pictures from the night of the 2023 Px3 exhibition.

Below is an excerpt from one of the curator's selections for 'State of the World'; photographer Antonio Denti.

"I think Px3 State of the World is an excellent container of stories. It mirrors my idea that human events are significant in a way that enlightens on the human condition. So, they are significant to all of us. And this is exactly the spirit I saw in State of the World. As a whole, the collection of those stories – made with similar intent in the most diverse circumstances – become a patchwork that really enlightens about the state of our world."

Read the full interview here.

A man in a Native American headdress stares at the US capitol building.

Press Mentions

See below some of the press that the wonderful and talented Px3 finalists and winners have been mentioned in.

Submit Today: 2024 Px3 Photography Competition 

As we move into the new year, we can look forward to making new photography and new friends. The 2024 Px3 Photography Competition is now accepting submissions from across the world. Submit and be a part of a global community of artists and have your work displayed in Paris!

Awards and Prizes

PX3 Photographer of the Year (Professional)—$5,000 cash prize

Professional photographers compete for the top award–the title of “PX3 Photographer of the Year” and $5,000 cash prize. The Photographer of the Year is chosen from among the 1st prize winners in each of the 6 Pro Categories. The winner’s work is publicized internationally, receives the spotlight at all events, is exhibited in Paris, and published in the PX3 Annual Book.

PX3 Best New Talent (Non-Professionals and Students)—$2,000 cash prize

Non-professional photographers compete for the PX3 Best New Talent Award and $2,000 cash prize. The winner is chosen from the 1st prize winners in the 6 Non-Pro/Student categories. The work is publicized and exhibited in Paris, and published in the PX3 Annual Book.

First Place Category Winners (Professionals) - $500 cash prize

First Place Category Winners (Non-Professionals and Students) - $250 cash prize

First place winners' work will be exhibited at the PX3 Exhibition in Paris. All first place winners from both the professional and non-professional categories will receive a PX3 certificate and a PX3 winner's logo for promotional purposes.

Other Category Winners

All winners from both the professional and non-professional categories will receive a PX3 certificate and a PX3 winner's logo for promotional purposes.

Honorable Mentions

PX3 judges award several Certificates of Honorable Mention to both professional and non-professional entries to acknowledge talent as they see fit.

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