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Religious (dis)order

Marking the joyous announcement of Px3 2023 winners!

August 21, 2023

The moment has arrived: Px3 2023 winners have been unveiled! A heartfelt congratulations to the exceptionally gifted photographers who graced this year's competition with their talent. Remarkable achievers have emerged across 8 diverse categories, spanning both professional and non-professional realms. In this assemblage, you can explore the captivating work of the non-professional 2nd place category winners. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking collection of images meticulously chosen this year by visiting the Prix de la Photographie website.

State of mind!

State of mind! - António Coelho

The main idea of ​​this small series is to address some current social issues, talking about nuclear, its use as a threat in war, we live in an era in which AI is in full growth with impacts that can lead to the loss of thousands of jobs, the conflict of ideas around peace (in fact, in the minds of those in power, ideas are always antagonistic to peace), society feeds itself according to fashions, such as veganism and, finally, everything is resolved with a like, an emoji. Society is very complex.

Under Ground - Mitja Koetter

For my 'Under Ground' series, I set out to find the most beautiful subway stations in Europe. I started my project in my hometown Berlin. Then I travelled to Hamburg, Munich and finally to Stockholm to visit the Tunnelbana. A huge work of art underground. Like a museum you drive through. I tried to capture the everyday place of thousands of people and my enthusiasm for it. To let the stations shine. To let the movement of the trains merge with the surroundings. The metro. Means of transport. Not much more. Or is it?

Under Ground
Border Atlas

Border Atlas - Maurizio Targhetta

I visited more than 30 small towns in the eastern part of the province of Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna For centuries they were swampy, inhospitable territories where malaria and extreme poverty raged. Between the 1800s and 1900s massive land reclamations transformed them into productive farmland. But prosperity has never taken off, and these areas are suffering from an unstoppable population decline, a significant increase in the age of the population, growing depopulation and constant impoverishment. The 160-page book has 150 images taken over the course of a year.

San Giorgio - Julien Carcano

Julien freezes the time for a couple of seconds and frames its emotions at this precise moment, by using a very sobre style and minimalist. He reads the beauty and the simplicity of the place and retranscribes it to us. Its composition reveals a game of texture, material and a new geometry line that you can’t expect.

The power of its work exists in even the connexion between surnatural/unique/new to the place and as well as its post production processing work which allows him to sublime/fine tune/perfect the reality that he felt by Julien when on the spot: accentuate the lignes, sobre the elements, profile the angles to transmit beauty and emotion more grabbing. Lost in between reality and fiction, magic happens.

San Giorgio
Far From Ice

Far From Ice - Amandine David

Far from the ice, this bear shows us all its grace... but for how much longer ?



Religious (dis)order - Athanasios Maloukos

A unique perspective of religious rituals of different faiths around the world. Muslim women praying during Eid-al-Fitr in Java, Indonesia. Christian women during Holy Weeks's La Desolata procession in Italy. Followers of the Tata Gonda religion in Congo, during their daily preach. Hindus celebrating Holi at Dauji Temple in Mathoura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, India.

Religious (dis)order
Shattered Home

Shattered Home - Alex Chan Tsz Yuk

Grandmother Yulia cries as she sits in her home just to see her home was destroyed by shelling in Kyiv on Friday, March 18, 2022, she was lucky as she went to the supermarket to shop for groceries when the Russian missile hits.

The missile struck the residential area in the Podilskyi district, Kyiv, killing one civilian and injuring dozens, and 200 people need to be evacuated, shockwave and explosions destroyed countless buildings within several hundred meters, including one school and one kindergarten.

CLOUD - Sara Camporesi

Quando tutto va bene
la vita è come una passeggiata
a piedi scalzi d’estate


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