David Marciano
David Marciano

David Marciano

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2023 – State of the World
Curatorial Selection – The gift of God

Can you briefly tell us about your background and what inspired you to pursue photography?

I bought my first camera in ’97 on my first trip to India. It was a humanitarian trip, since then travel and photography are inseparable for me, two passions that I can’t think of separately.

What drove you to submit your work to the Px3 State of the World competition and your thoughts on how being in the curatorial selection impacted your artistic journey?

It was the title, as soon as I read it I immediately thought of the story of the family I had photographed in Thailand. It seemed to me that their sporting and human story was worth telling and that sometimes even the most intimate events manage to convey the spirit of the “state of the world”. Being selected was a beautiful and unexpected surprise, and it encourages me to continue looking for personal stories to tell.

Could you describe any challenges you faced while capturing this moment (winning image/s)?

The biggest challenge was entering their home without being intrusive. I introduced myself and told him how I met them. They were surprised that I had heard about them from Italy and that I even wanted to meet them! Afterwards it was easy and natural to spend time with them and take photographs.

What, in your opinion, are the most important factors in creating great images?

Compare yourself, don’t close yourself off, look at other people’s photos with interest, even those that aren’t your thing. Train your gaze.

What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of photography?

I believe that after shooting, editing is a fundamental aspect to enhance and give the right direction to your idea of ​​photography.

What motivates and drives your photography?

My greatest motivation and inspiration are, as I already said, my travels. Photography helps me to “look” more carefully, to establish new contacts and have interesting encounters.

What’s next for you in your career as a photographer?

Photography is not my main occupation, even if it takes up a good part of my time I can afford the “luxury” of choosing my subjects and the stories I am interested in telling. I hope that more and more it will be a means for me to enrich myself personally and that it will allow me to meet people like Noparit and his family.