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The gift of God

The Muay Thai Looksaykongdin Gym training camp is located in the Min Buri district, north of Bangkok, one of the largest Muslim districts just outside the city. This is a difficult area, with few possibilities, the peculiarity of this training camp is that the coach and owner, Mr. Noparit Yoohanngo is also the father of almost every athlete who trains here and each of them boasts champion titles. His family consists in 16 children and 11 grandchildren.But Noparit reveals to me that Boxing was just a vehicle thanks to which his children were in a safe place,he says they are his gift of God.

David Marciano began to take an interest in photography in the early 90s, when before leaving for a volunteer experience in India, he bought his first reflex, since then travel, solidarity and photography will go hand in hand. He trained within Italian photographic circles, his subjects are portraits, street photography but above all to storytelling, he focusing his interest in telling small stories that are part of the culture, customs and religious aspect of the countries he visits.

Awards SIPA Honorable MENTION 2020 storyboard
Finalist and published in URBAN PHOTO AWARDS 2020
Banff Mountain Photo Essay 2021
BIFA 2021 Silver and Bronze Winner
MIFA 2021 Gold and Silver Winner
TIFA 2021 Gold winner and Honorable Mention
PX3 2022 Gold Winner
PX3 2023 State of the world Curatorial Selection
PX3 2023 Gold winner and Honorable Mention