The PX3 Annual Winners Book represents the very best among the thousands of entries received and evaluated by our distinguished Jury panel. The 2022 Edition of the book features not only the "Photographer of the Year" and "Best New Talent", but also the top category winners, as well as gold/silver/bronze winners from each sub-category, in Professional and Amateur/Student divisions. Honorable Mentions are included as well.

In this compilation, we wish to capture the delightful spirit of summer through the stunning images of the 2021 PX3 winners. The chosen images evoke feelings of enthusiasm and vibrancy, which is why they make us think of the summertime. Hopefully, they'll give you the same impression!

man with a red balloon

14 Variations on the Theme of Yi Yi - Leung Wai Yeung, Ray

Poster for the Hong Kong-based Edward Lam Dance Theatre's theatrical performance of "14 Variations on the Theme of Yi Yi." Yi Yi: a One and a Two, a film by Edward Yang, served as inspiration for the theater performance. In this theater play poster, the red balloons from the original movie posters were utilized. The precise instant the balloon covers the actor's face in the photograph, producing a "Magrittesque" picture, is captured.

Secrets - Jeanette Hagglund

Ricardo Bofill's "Secrets" is a minimalistic study of Calpe's Muralla Roja.

colorful building
orange car on the road by the beach

a sign of autumn - Takahiro Kurita

A well-kept ancient automobile slowed down as it traveled the coast road one day near the end of the summer. The twilight sky behind the automobile was painted in autumnal hues. The photographer received the impression that this automobile, which had been traveling under such a lovely sky for years, had once again brought autumn to him.

Centinel in the sea - Lourdes GOMEZ FERNANDEZ

Since its 1848 inauguration, the charming Petit Minou lighthouse has been illuminating Brest's rugged coastline and assisting mariners in making their way back to shore.

Centinel in the sea
swimmers by the pool

Geometric Mermaids - Brad Walls

A group of creative (formerly synchronized) swimmers participated in the end of 2020 filming of the Geometric Mermaids series. With this series, the photographer wanted to present a different perspective of one of the most attractive sports, which is frequently missed without an aerial shot.

All About Perspective - Alex Blackburn

Here, the photographer demonstrates how the light can alter how we perceive the rocks and cliffs of Northern California, each of which has its own personality. "We all inhabit the same enormous rock, which is covered in either plants that provide us oxygen to breathe or humans with whom we may engage. We need to be grateful for what this enormous rock has to give. We are all a part of the same ecosystem, society, and planet. And I'm trying to illustrate in this series what exactly we should be grateful for."

sunset on the beach
SUPs from above

Ride the wind and the waves - Li,Po-Yi

The term "SUP" has gained a lot of popularity recently. The photographer was photographed during a vacation to Lanyu, Taiwan, where he just fell in love with, under the direction of experienced trainers, regardless of who can ride the SUP stand-up sailboat on the sea in a sophisticated and graceful style.

2020 S2O Taiwan Songkran - chen che wang

Mix Edition S2O Taiwan hosts the first water-splashing music event ever.

stage on a music festival
artist on a festival in taiwan

Taiwan's Ba Jia Jiang - casperphoto

Ba Jia Jiang is a significant creative group that also contributes to the peak of the regional worship festivals at Taiwan temple fairs. People are constantly impressed by Ba Jia Jiang's costumes, make-up, and configuration changes when they appear in the worship procession.

living habit - Wang Ke Xuan

"We don't need to question their wisdom or predict that we would soon regret our choices because they helped us reach our current state. Because we don't always follow the standard operating procedure and because there are too many of us to value, we are not machines. The key to choosing your life's purpose and determining your course of action is the thought you have at this second."

girl standing by the beach

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a person walking alone in the desert

Every year on April 22nd, Earth Day commemorates the 1970 start of the contemporary environmental movement. Earth Day is now generally acknowledged as the world's largest secular celebration, with over a billion people participating each year in a day of action to improve human behavior and implement global, national, and local policy reforms.
We want to celebrate and raise awareness about the need of fighting for our planet and appreciating all of its beauty. Enjoy this compilation of Px3 2021 winners in the Nature category, which includes some of the stunning professional images submitted to the competition.

a human and a monkey hand reaches for each other

A Beautiful Sadness - David Williams

A lovely melancholy. When the photographer observes animals in the Zoo, he feels like this. This is not because he despises zoos. In fact, he feels that the Zoo is the final refuge for many animals. This series is more about how sad it is that we, as a species, put these creatures in the Zoo, which began as a place of entertainment and profit and has evolved into a place of survival through time. What caused this to happen? Poaching, illicit farming, greed, and total disrespect for nature are all examples of environmental degradation. He wanted to convey the beauty of these creatures while also conveying a sense of loss for them.

Magnificence Of Desert - Babak Mehrafshar

This photograph was shot in Iran's Isfahan Province's Khara Desert. The terrain is magnificent, and the Khara sand dunes are a fantastic area for meditation or desert running. The photographer could hardly see his friend strolling through the sand dunes on a highly windy day. So he rode the wind, viewed the panorama through the lens of his camera, and ultimately recorded this moment of the desert's majesty.

a person walking alone in the desert
avatar mountain

The avatar mountain - Alexandre Manuel

Photographed at Zhangjiajie Mountain, popularly known as Avatar Mountain after the author of the film of the same name.

Shark Bay - Yi Sun

If the photographer could only photograph one area on the planet, it would have to be Shark Bay. The Shark Bay World Heritage Site, on the edge of the Western Australian continent, is one of the world's greatest wilderness assets. This place, he believes, offers more natural color diversity than any other spot he has seen in his more than a decade of shooting trips. These photos were obtained from a tiny Cessna 172 plane over 4500 feet above sea level at Shark Bay, Western Australia, a world heritage site. Natural colors of the highest quality may be found here.

shark bay
flower before blooming

Flower Royal - James Rowe

The photographer was constrained to shooting in his own garden during Victoria's lengthy and rigorous Covid-19 restrictions, and this is what he came up with. A collection of gorgeous flowers photographed at Healesville in the springtime.

Unity - Katja Jensen

It's sometimes just luck that you're at the right place at the right moment. Everyone was excited to meet this stallion, who had just been introduced to a herd of females. Except for the black mare in the background, who was simply going about her thing.

horses touching heads
lake eyre from above

Kati Thanda - Ingrid Hendriksen

Aerial images shot from a tiny plane of Kati Thanda, the traditional name for Lake Eyre. In the Australian desert, there lies a salt-encrusted, largely dry and bleak lake. The water forms these wonderful patterns and brushlike designs on the parched terrain when flood waters arrive from the far north on rare occasions.

Sunset In Paradise - Ingrid Vekemans

On the plains, gazelles, antelopes, and other animals congregate. It's referred to as "safety in numbers." The higher the number of animals, the better the probability of recognizing a predator and avoiding being killed. The perilous period for prey animals begins when it becomes dark. On the watch are two Thomson gazelles, a Grant gazelle, a few zebras, and a topi, which allows a few more zebras to continue grazing for a while. - Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve

gazelles, antelopes, and other animals congregate
penguins walking on the beach

Forethoughtfully - Koki Shinoda

The photographer saw a king penguin prepared to go hunting in the evening on the sandy beach of the Falkland Islands. The beach was colored gray that day, partly due to the light cloud cover, and it looked as if the penguins and the world had lost their color. He created a monochrome-like atmosphere while shooting color shots by photographing colorless penguins and beaches against the backdrop of darkened hills.

The Goddess is dancing all night - Hsiaohsin Chen

These paintings were a symbol of the fall and winter seasons in Iceland. The aurora was highly active when it burst, and the light trail was flying in an unpredictable manner. It's as though the Goddess has been dancing all night.

the aurora light in iceland

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Le Prix de la Photographie de Paris committee gets hundreds of outstanding images each year, making the selection process more difficult than ever. Our favorite Px3 Honorable Mentions from 2021 offer us fresh viewpoints in all of the categories, despite the fact that they weren't picked as category winners. 

monk boy

Magic - chiara felmini

Pagodas in Bagan, or at least those that are large enough, can be entered. They are accustomed to having monks accompany them during their prayers, which are always accompanied by lit candles and perfumed incense. Light occasionally penetrates in more or less huge beams, and when a monk plays with this light and stares at you, you know the voyage was worthwhile.

Greedy Otherworld -Kouta Takahashi

The pedestrians reflected in Tokyo's display windows, which are plastered with commercial photos, appear to be under the power of human desire. The commercial images that saturate the streets encourage individuals to buy things and even modify their thoughts and conduct. As though attracted by the vortex of want unleashed by consumer culture, photographers have relocated from rural to urban locations. Is capitalism's goal to create and use desire beneficial for people and the environment?

reflexion of an eye poster in the window
paper collage of three women

Countess Card Sharp - Paul Biddle

The photographer intended to be a painter at first, but he was poor at drawing, and thankfully, he was taught the basics of black and white photography while in art school. His most recent series, Chimerical Creatures, is a digital collage in which he used Photoshop to fuse photographs he photographed at museums as well as images from museums with images from the public domain. He enjoys creating images that he hopes will encourage the spectator to create their own narrative around them. He believes that this series has the ability to provide some of the most intriguing storylines.

Rhosilli Bay - Jack Savage

A lone individual, engulfed by the expanse of nature, is recorded as a microcosm. An tribute to the heritage of black & white photography, monochromatic tones and shadows predominate. Because the photographer is half-Welsh, Rhosilli Beach has played an important role in his youth and later adult life. A location where the exceptional rough and timeless beauty of the land takes precedence above all else.

a person walking on the empty beach
tribe in ethiopia

The Art of Disappearing attempts to raise awareness to the Arbore tribe's slow extinction in Ethiopia, where its remaining 2,300 people presently reside. Their way of life is changing as a result of road modernisation and greater visitor access. The series on display is a small component of a bigger ongoing project in which the artist attempts to expose to the audience the underlying threat that the Arbores face as they adjust to their new circumstances. The text on the photographs is intended to depict the visitors' and residents' opposing points of view.

Hello, Baoyu - Leung Wai Yeung, Ray

The image series was created to promote and sell a theater show called "Hello, Baoyu," which was based on the Chinese classic literature "The Dream of the Red Chamber." Freespace, the West Kowloon Cultural District Authorities, and Hong Kong's Edward Lam Dance Theatre are collaborating on the project.

two man in black and white
colorful wall

The most colorful retail mall façade in Munich.
Munich's MIRA Shopping Center first opened its doors in 2008. Parts of the facades were composed of colorful lacquered metal panels that were arranged in prisms on the walls. Because the prisms' surfaces have various hues, the façade appears in distinct colors from the southwest and northwest. Between the two, a slow transition occurs, causing the building to alter dynamically as one passes by. In addition to the colorful panels, the façade has polished aluminum panels that reflect the sky and adjacent structures.

Covered sky - Renata Vale

Although the ceiling is an important component of most architectural structures, its role is not usually restricted to the roof. Covered Sky depicts several perspectives of what is above us, emphasizing the small elements that alter the perception of space via construction.

a beautiful ceiling
dreams c, surreal photographyome true

These were the photographer's confined-space fantasies. There were several threats all around me. Her dead animals came to life when she saw them, and their corpses took on new lives. She also regarded herself as a prisoner in her own body. These fantasies were absurd, much like life. She didn't want to wake up since she liked this place.

Desert Garden - Luis Marino

These images are part of a series of still life that the photographer began working on this year, 2021. He is utilizing dry plants from the mountains surrounding his home, which is located in the southeast of Spain and faces the Mediterranean Sea. Climate change is hastening the impacts there. It's a site in the midst of the desertification process.

dry flowers

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black and white image of a hotel in florida

The Px3 State of the World Special Competition Book is now available for purchase! Created to show an uncensored view of what is happening in every corner of the globe, it will allow the readers to see the world through the lens of photographers in the midst of global economic, governmental and health crises and gain an understanding of what is happening in countries that are often not featured on the news.

The PX3 Annual Winners Book represents the very best among the thousands of entries received and evaluated by our distinguished Jury panel. The 2021 Edition of the book features not only the "Photographer of the Year" and "Best New Talent", but also the top category winners, as well as gold/silver/bronze winners from each sub-category, in Professional and Amateur/Student divisions. Honorable Mentions are included as well.

Architecture is distinct from construction skills in that it is the art and technique of designing and building. The practice of architecture is used to meet both practical and expressive needs, therefore serving both utilitarian and artistic goals. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing architecture photography from last year’s PX3 photography contest winners!

Colored Look uP - Peter Plorin

Monochrome vistas are a common stylistic device in architecture photography. This puts a greater emphasis on shapes and lines. However, in the photographer's Colored Look uP series, he was particularly interested in color strength. For him, they represent the richness and diversity of life in the dark Covid time.

red winding stairway
black and whit ephoto of a man walking alone on an empty street

|||| i ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ - Nina Papiorek

Taken in Düsseldorf, Germany's "Kunstpalast". Nina Papiorek is a German Black&White photographer who specializes in street (architecture) and landscape photography. Her work is enthralling because of its seeming minimalism. Nina is a multi-award-winning photographer who has spent the last 15 years pursuing her passion professionally.

Quarr Abbey - Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw

Quarr Abbey is a Benedictine monastery on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England. For the past two years, the photographer has worked as a professional photographer. He is an artist who divides his time between Paris and London. His work travels me all around the world in search of fresh areas to tell stories about to my audience. He returns home with unique memories of the moments he records in different places as a result of his travels.

light shining through the window in anempty church hall
WWII Reinforced concrete sea defence building defeated by coastal erosion.

Warden Point #1 - Alex Wilson

Coastal erosion defeated a WWII reinforced concrete sea defense structure. Photographed by Alex Wilson,  Bronze winner in Architecture/Historic Category.

Dry river - Shirley Wung

Due to months without rain, the riverbed beneath the Xiluo Bridge in southern Taiwan has dried up, and the riverbed beneath the bridge is like a magnificent canvas on the ground.

bridge over an dry driver
balck and white of a hotel in florida

Beach Deco - Dez Karpati

Dez Karpati captured dramatic black-and-white images of an Art Deco skyscraper in South Miami Beach, Florida.

Isolation Week One - Lilyan Aloma

During the first week of lockdown in New York City, the photographer took this photo from the roof of her building. It's a north-facing double exposure of the cityscape. It encapsulates the sense of solitude and emptiness we felt as our residents withdrew to deal with the crisis.

black and white concrete jungle upside down
lighthouse in a magnificent sunset

Centinel in the sea - Lourdes GOMEZ FERNANDEZ

The beautiful Petit Minou lighthouse was built in 1848 and has been guiding ships back to land along Brest's craggy coastline ever since.

MetroZONE - Andreas Paehge

MetroZONE is a series that blends subway stations, design, and the dynamic of moving trains into one package. To give his photos this unique look and feel, the photographer specialized in post-processing them in Photoshop and applying luminosity techniques. In the end, his goal is to imbue his artworks and structures with a soul through the use of light and shadows.MetroZONE is a series that blends subway stations, design, and the dynamic of moving trains into one package. To give his photos this unique look and feel, the photographer specialized in post-processing them in Photoshop and applying luminosity techniques. In the end, his goal is to imbue his artworks and structures with a soul through the use of light and shadows.

black and white photo of an abstract building

Dockland - Oscar Lopez

The Dockland building in Hamburg, Germany, is located on the Elbe River. Hamburg, Germany-based amateur fine art photographer.

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hossein farmani with a winner photographer
black and white photo of little girls, one of them is smoking a cigarette

Works of talented winners at the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) and State of the World Special Contest have been exhibited at the Espace Beaurepaire”, from 26th October to the 31st October 2021. 

Due to Covid-19 causing us to postpone last year's event, the works of both 2020 and 2021 winners were exhibited: First and Second Place winners of the PX3 and the whole curatorial selection of State of the World special contest from both years. 

Espace Beaurepaire, home of many local and contemporary, renowned photographers, showed winning works in the following categories: Advertising, Architecture, Book, Fine Art, Nature, Portraiture, Press and Special. All photography series chosen into the curatorial selection at the State of the World special contest were exhibited. 

Sharing his thoughts on the Paris exhibition, Mr. Hossein Farmani, founder of PX3 and Farmani Group said, "Our aim is to bring inspiration to the community by showing the works of the immensely talented artists who have shared their work with us. Through the camera lens of these winners, we have the advantage to see the world in so many different ways - it was my honour to witness the endless creativity and hard work of these individuals."

The winning works of the following photographers were a part of the exhibition

Ada Trillo, Alain Schroeder, Amy Siqveland, Barry Anderson, Basim Ghomorlou, Carla Sutera Sardo, Christian Bobst, Davide Bertuccio, Demayne Murphy, Fabio Marcato, Franz Messenbaeck, Gian Marco Benedetto, Giles Clarke, Greg White, Guligo Jia, Jonny Pickup, Joseph Patronite, Marco Waldis, Mark Edward Harris, Michael Paramonti, Mohammad Fahim Ahamed Riyad, Saam Gabbay, Silvia Alessi, Stefano Stranges, Sylvia De Swaan, Trd, Wei Fu, Yusuke Suzuki, Alberto Giuliani, Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Alwyn Coates, Alexander Khokhlov, Peter Plorin, Lorenzo Lumeras, Chris Crisman, Cara Louwman, Sandro Miller, Ilka & Franz, Johannes Bosgra, Water Flow, Tom Barnes, Yusuke Suzuki, Thea Pedersen, Suk Eun Kim, Dimpy Bhalotia, Ion Morcodeanu, Chin-fa Tzeng, Mariano Belmar Torrecilla, Katherine Young, M. Cecilia Sao Thiago, Vasco Trancoso, Nikolai Endegor, Dale Niles, Olga Volianska, Brigitte Bourger, Rebecca Moseman, Karoline Schneider, Shahria Sharmin, Simone Arrigoni, Jeong Hur, Alan Yee, Allan Maxwell, André Clemetsen, Antonio Tartaglia, Christy Bowe, Dean Yeadon, Denise Laura Baker, F. Dilek Uyar, Francis Meslet, Jordan Stern, Joseph-Philippe Bevillard, Julie Robertson, Kiran Ridley, Lorrie Dallek, Luo Xiaoyun, Matilde Simas, Maurizio Di Pietro, Nick Ng, Nicola Zolin, Peter Caton, Pinu Rahman, Rachel Corner, Rasmus Flindt Pedersen, Ricardo Rodríguez Barraza, Simon Chang, Thomas Bye, Wolf Nitch, Mikolaj Krawczunas, Tommy Kwak, Pedro Jarque Krebsm Shirley Wung, Omar Torres, Sandra Cattaneo Adorno, Janusz Daga, Jamie Johnson ,António Coelho, Kunkun Liu, Diana Cheren Nygren, Atoosa Alebouyeh, Shyamala Thilagaratnam, Chunjung Yeh, Ethan Chiang, Paul Brouns, Simon Johansson, Jakub Wawrzak, David Williams, Toby Binder, Laurie Freitag, Holger Brecker, Claudio Sericano, Susan Leurs, David Garthwaite, Daniel Dencescu, Katarzyna Dlugosz, Syndi Pilar, Ulana Switucha.

View Winners' Gallery.

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The Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) and State of the World photo competitions have announced the winners of 2021. Visionary photographers from around the world, both professional and amateur, shared their unique perspectives and competed for international recognition as the next “PX3 Photographer of the Year”, cash prizes, publication in the PX3 Annual Book, and inclusion in an exhibition to be shown in Paris this October. 

The PX3 jury, made up of international photographers, editors, curators, evaluated thousands of entries from all over the world. Photographers have submitted their outstanding works in the following categories: Advertising, Architecture, Book, Fine Art, Nature, Portraiture, Press and Special, all of them a testament to the immense talent they possess.

"The State of the World" special curated selection reflected unadulterated images documenting events and highlighting current issues from every corner of the globe. In his Curator Statement, Hossein Farmani, founder of PX3, commented, "2021 has been a year of increasing challenges and escalating crisis on multiple fronts. We received hundreds of compelling visual stories, submitted from around the globe, and every story is important and significant in its own way. They are a glimpse into what is happening around us, through the lens of these great professional and amateur photographers, who shared the stories of what they have witnessed personally, speaking louder than words, giving us a better understanding of those around us and far from us, showing us that we are united in our struggles, in our joys, in our humanity."

PX3 Photographer of the Year 2021 is Jamie Johnson with her powerful photo book, Growing Up Travelling, focusing on Irish Travellers that live in caravans on the side of the roads throughout Ireland, and their children's everyday lives. PX3 Best New Talent 2021 is Diana Cheren Nygren with her stunning work The Persistence of Family, a Fine Art masterpiece collating generations together through old family photos and new ones.

Professional category winners

Gold in Advertising - Mikolaj Krawczunas: Ballerina

Gold in Architecture - Tommy Kwak: Lifeguard Towers

Gold in Book - Pedro Jarque Krebs: Fragile

Gold in Fine Art - Omar Torres: Ensayos del Colapso

Gold in Nature - Shirley Wung: Horse Race

Gold in Portraiture - Jamie Johnson: Growing Up Travelling book

Gold in Press - Janusz Daga: Protest in Thailand. The Milk Tea Alliance

Gold in Special - Sandra Cattaneo Adorno: Águas de Ouro



Growing Up Travelling book by Jamie Johnson
The Persistence of Family by Diana Cheren Nygren

Non-Professional / Student category winners

Gold in Advertising - Antonio Coelho: Plastic, One Enemy? 

Gold in Architecture - Kunkun Liu: Special Structures

Gold in Book - Francis Meslet: Abandoned Churches - Unclaimed Places of Worship

Gold in Fine Art - Diana Cheren Nguyen: The Persistence of Family 

Gold in Nature - Brigitte Bouger: Abyss

Gold in Portraiture - Atoosa Alebouyeh: Me In My Point of View

Gold in Press - Shyamala Thilagaratnam: The Cuban Boxers

Gold in Special - Jun Yeh: Toilet Room