Opening Event: February 8

We are pleased to invite you to attend the Paris Photo Prize Exhibition, which will take place at the House of Lucie Budapest, February 9 to 22, 2024. The opening event will take place on February 8, 2024, from 19:00 to 21:00.

The exhibition honoring the work of 1st and 2nd place PX3 category winners and the “State of the World” Curatorial selection from 2023 will be open to the public from February 9 to 22, 16:00 to 19:00. Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners will be shown by projector. 

Opening event: February 8 | 19:00 to 21:00 PM
Location: House of Lucie Budapest (Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 30.)
Opening times of the Exhibition: February 8 - 22 | 16:00 to 19:00. Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners will be shown on screen during the opening hours.
Entry is free!

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People stand atop a statue in protest holding a red flag.

The PX3 Annual Winners Book represents the very best among the thousands of entries received and evaluated by our distinguished Jury panel. The 2023 Edition of the book features not only the “Photographer of the Year” and “Best New Talent”, but also the top category winners, as well as gold/silver/bronze winners from each sub-category, in Professional and Amateur/Student divisions. Honorable Mentions are included as well.

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As we enter into the new year, there are many exciting things to look forward to and many happy memories to cherish. The “Prix de la Photographie, Paris” strives to promote the appreciation of photography and to discover new photo talent around the world and introduce it to the artistic community in Paris. In 2023, dozens of new photographer’s work was highlighted and the Px3 family has grown larger and stronger. Look back on the previous year with us and all the Px3 community has accomplished.

2023 Px3 Photography Competition

Every year, the work submitted to Px3 is stunning and the competition is fierce. The esteemed jury selects both category winners as well as the Photographer of the Year and Best New Talent. Let us look back on this year’s award winning photography that was featured by Px3.

Photographer of the Year

Imperium: Ukrainians Endure by Michael Robinson Chavez

Photojournalist Michael Robinson Chavez explores the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the war entered into its second year. His photography is focused on the destruction of these Ukrainian cities and the lives of the affected people in them.

Dark cloud of smoke over a black and white city.
Dark silhouette of a woman in a dress in front of a foggy background of a forest.

Best New Talent

Anna by Anna Ligus

Made during the pandemic, Ligus's series of self portraits aimed to be a form of therapy for her as she explored her sadness and isolation. Due to the timing of the project, Ligus was able to work entirely independent and without input from others leading to her most personal and intimate series yet.

2023 Winners Exhibition and State of the World

One of our favorite parts of the Annual Prix de la Photographie is coming together and celebrating the fantastic work that was chosen. From November 7th - 12th, the first and second place Px3 winner’s work was displayed at Galerie 24b in the heart of Paris, France. Alongside the Px3 winners was a selection of photojournalistic work from around the globe curated by Px3 founder Hossein Farmani. Below is an excerpt of Farmani’s curator statement:

“I've also selected stories addressing contemporary social concerns, from London's gay pride to Zurich's feminist strike. Many other tales span the globe, providing insight into our world. My hope is that these stories foster compassion, nurturing an appreciation for our shared humanity and diverse perspectives.”

-Hossein Farmani, Curator and Founder, Px3

Poster for 2023 Px3 Exhibition featuring a close up of a swimming polar bear.
Collage of pictures from the night of the 2023 Px3 exhibition.

Below is an excerpt from one of the curator's selections for 'State of the World'; photographer Antonio Denti.

"I think Px3 State of the World is an excellent container of stories. It mirrors my idea that human events are significant in a way that enlightens on the human condition. So, they are significant to all of us. And this is exactly the spirit I saw in State of the World. As a whole, the collection of those stories – made with similar intent in the most diverse circumstances – become a patchwork that really enlightens about the state of our world."

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A man in a Native American headdress stares at the US capitol building.

Press Mentions

See below some of the press that the wonderful and talented Px3 finalists and winners have been mentioned in.

Submit Today: 2024 Px3 Photography Competition 

As we move into the new year, we can look forward to making new photography and new friends. The 2024 Px3 Photography Competition is now accepting submissions from across the world. Submit and be a part of a global community of artists and have your work displayed in Paris!

Awards and Prizes

PX3 Photographer of the Year (Professional)—$5,000 cash prize

Professional photographers compete for the top award–the title of “PX3 Photographer of the Year” and $5,000 cash prize. The Photographer of the Year is chosen from among the 1st prize winners in each of the 6 Pro Categories. The winner’s work is publicized internationally, receives the spotlight at all events, is exhibited in Paris, and published in the PX3 Annual Book.

PX3 Best New Talent (Non-Professionals and Students)—$2,000 cash prize

Non-professional photographers compete for the PX3 Best New Talent Award and $2,000 cash prize. The winner is chosen from the 1st prize winners in the 6 Non-Pro/Student categories. The work is publicized and exhibited in Paris, and published in the PX3 Annual Book.

First Place Category Winners (Professionals) - $500 cash prize

First Place Category Winners (Non-Professionals and Students) - $250 cash prize

First place winners' work will be exhibited at the PX3 Exhibition in Paris. All first place winners from both the professional and non-professional categories will receive a PX3 certificate and a PX3 winner's logo for promotional purposes.

Other Category Winners

All winners from both the professional and non-professional categories will receive a PX3 certificate and a PX3 winner's logo for promotional purposes.

Honorable Mentions

PX3 judges award several Certificates of Honorable Mention to both professional and non-professional entries to acknowledge talent as they see fit.

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Curated by Hossein Farmani


November 7th, 2023,
from 18:00 to 21:00


Tuesday, November 7th to Sunday, November 12th


Galerie 24-b
24 bis rue Saint Roch 75001 Paris

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The moment has arrived: Px3 2023 winners have been unveiled! A heartfelt congratulations to the exceptionally gifted photographers who graced this year's competition with their talent. Remarkable achievers have emerged across 8 diverse categories, spanning both professional and non-professional realms. In this assemblage, you can explore the captivating work of the non-professional 2nd place category winners. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking collection of images meticulously chosen this year by visiting the Prix de la Photographie website.

State of mind!

State of mind! - António Coelho

The main idea of ​​this small series is to address some current social issues, talking about nuclear, its use as a threat in war, we live in an era in which AI is in full growth with impacts that can lead to the loss of thousands of jobs, the conflict of ideas around peace (in fact, in the minds of those in power, ideas are always antagonistic to peace), society feeds itself according to fashions, such as veganism and, finally, everything is resolved with a like, an emoji. Society is very complex.

Under Ground - Mitja Koetter

For my 'Under Ground' series, I set out to find the most beautiful subway stations in Europe. I started my project in my hometown Berlin. Then I travelled to Hamburg, Munich and finally to Stockholm to visit the Tunnelbana. A huge work of art underground. Like a museum you drive through. I tried to capture the everyday place of thousands of people and my enthusiasm for it. To let the stations shine. To let the movement of the trains merge with the surroundings. The metro. Means of transport. Not much more. Or is it?

Under Ground
Border Atlas

Border Atlas - Maurizio Targhetta

I visited more than 30 small towns in the eastern part of the province of Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna For centuries they were swampy, inhospitable territories where malaria and extreme poverty raged. Between the 1800s and 1900s massive land reclamations transformed them into productive farmland. But prosperity has never taken off, and these areas are suffering from an unstoppable population decline, a significant increase in the age of the population, growing depopulation and constant impoverishment. The 160-page book has 150 images taken over the course of a year.

San Giorgio - Julien Carcano

Julien freezes the time for a couple of seconds and frames its emotions at this precise moment, by using a very sobre style and minimalist. He reads the beauty and the simplicity of the place and retranscribes it to us. Its composition reveals a game of texture, material and a new geometry line that you can’t expect.

The power of its work exists in even the connexion between surnatural/unique/new to the place and as well as its post production processing work which allows him to sublime/fine tune/perfect the reality that he felt by Julien when on the spot: accentuate the lignes, sobre the elements, profile the angles to transmit beauty and emotion more grabbing. Lost in between reality and fiction, magic happens.

San Giorgio
Far From Ice

Far From Ice - Amandine David

Far from the ice, this bear shows us all its grace... but for how much longer ?



Religious (dis)order - Athanasios Maloukos

A unique perspective of religious rituals of different faiths around the world. Muslim women praying during Eid-al-Fitr in Java, Indonesia. Christian women during Holy Weeks's La Desolata procession in Italy. Followers of the Tata Gonda religion in Congo, during their daily preach. Hindus celebrating Holi at Dauji Temple in Mathoura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, India.

Religious (dis)order
Shattered Home

Shattered Home - Alex Chan Tsz Yuk

Grandmother Yulia cries as she sits in her home just to see her home was destroyed by shelling in Kyiv on Friday, March 18, 2022, she was lucky as she went to the supermarket to shop for groceries when the Russian missile hits.

The missile struck the residential area in the Podilskyi district, Kyiv, killing one civilian and injuring dozens, and 200 people need to be evacuated, shockwave and explosions destroyed countless buildings within several hundred meters, including one school and one kindergarten.

CLOUD - Sara Camporesi

Quando tutto va bene
la vita è come una passeggiata
a piedi scalzi d’estate


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There must be lights burning brighter somewhere.

Step into a realm where images speak louder than words and creativity knows no boundaries. The illustrious Prix de la Photographie, Paris (Px3) has once again bestowed its coveted honors upon the most innovative and captivating photographers in the advertising realm. As we dive into the world of advertising photography, let us explore the extraordinary vision and artistic prowess of the exceptional winners of the Px3 2022 in the Advertising category. Brace yourself for a journey that will leave you inspired, intrigued, and in awe of the limitless possibilities that can be achieved through the lens.

All Beauty

All Beauty - Frauke Fischer-Ikeda

Beauty is in Everyone, everyone is beautiful.
Being different is beautiful

In beauty photography , only perfect ideals are often shown. This started to bore me in my work as a beauty photographer and I wanted to show how much more fascinating people and beauty there are. In this series I portraied Tamara a model with Down Syndrom.

Born in East Berlin in 1981, Frauke Fischer studied ethnography and the history of Indian art before becoming a fulltime freelance photographer. Her portfolio spans both beauty and fashion, with a style that exudes refinement and confidence.

Identity Perspectives - Rebeka Legovic

The inspiration came from the building itself. The strong shapes and powerful colours gave me the idea of creating a combination between clothes and colours, perspectives, sky and clouds. Models are twins and in that way the identity given to us by certain clothes and combination of colours, or postures and positions we assume in space is questioned.

Identity Perspectives
The Visionaries

The Visionaries - Amber-Jayne Bain

Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington supports the noble work of a large pool of researchers across wide ranging disciplines. This project, initiated and art directed by David Lewis, was for the purpose of honouring a selection of these individuals, to highlight the projects they are working on, and the integrity each of them brings to their field.
Ilan Noy, Taehyun Rhee, Elizabeth Stanley, and Ocean Mercier are represented in these portraits, which serve to illustrate ideas that connect to the revolutionary work they do.

G. Verdi's opera - Nabuco 2021 - Piljoo Hwang

G. Verdi's Nabuco 2021 - directed by Stefano Poda, directed by Hong Seok-won.

The word 'han' is a word that expresses sadness and is the most Korean expression of sadness.

Director Stefano Poda's opera Nabucco 2021 is an abbreviation of the ethnic sadness with the word "han." The history of the desire for liberation and independence, which is common to the history of Italy and Korea, was solved with the word "han" to convey a message of hope.

G. Verdi's opera - Nabuco 2021
There must be lights burning brighter somewhere.

There must be lights burning brighter somewhere. - Tina Sturzenegger

It's a story about trying and failing.

You should drink healthy smoothies but instead you smoke cigarettes like there's no should focus on one thing but you're multitasking in your bathroom,
things go wrong but you still believe in fortune cookies,
you should not have a snack in your bathtub but you're doing it anyways.

The story about trying and failing goes on and on.
But there must be lights burning brighter somewhere.

Time Traveling To Edo Era - Masahiro Komuta

A modern flavored kimono was taken in beautiful bamboo forest which has a long history. The bamboo forest was expressed like traditional ink paintings using black & white like tone and smooth blur. Viewers may feel they are time traveling to Edo era, seeing this modernized kimono with traditional ink painting expression.

Cosplay & portrait fashion photographer based in Japan. His photograph is mainly focused on a woman wearing a special costume in a special location to descript an extraordinary world.

Time Traveling To Edo Era
The world today!

The world today! - António Coelho

It started with an analysis of plastic, I associated new ways of "mitigating" this problem (perhaps creating others) and extended it to more problems as well, generalized consumption of natural resources, climate change, but also the extinction of species, new energy sources and their impacts. The current war in Ukraine, and other world conflicts, from the east to Africa, to the idea of resorting to nuclear weapons.

The Hands Of Melody - Samuel Mélia

A musician expresses himself through his instrument, the music played is then the expression of the musician, of his emotions, of his feelings... of all that he is.

Samuel Mélia was born in France, starting with studies in jazz music (saxophone), he then turned to photography.

Producing mainly photographs of jazz musicians (a world he knows very well) Samuel is currently working on a Fine Art series.

The Hands Of Melody

Expresso - Gilles Auroux

The little poetry of coffee is an appeal to all our senses: the brown mix of dark liquid crowned by a lighter brown foam, the delicate tinkling of a last drop falling in the cup, the aromatic smell exhaling from the smoke and finally the taste in your mouth and the warmth in your throat. A true challenge to convey in one picture since photography mostly deals with only one of our senses...



Hotel Little Stories - Betty Manousos

It's no secret that I am a cinema and cinematography enthusiast. After watching the "The Grand Budapest Hotel" movie a few years ago, I developed an interest in historic hotels as well as contemporary ones. Every hotel has a story to tell.
This intense color of the fine modern furniture of the lobby just caught my eye. Taken in Athens, Greece 2022.

Hotel Little Stories

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In the realm of photography, recognition goes beyond just the winners, as there are exceptional talents that deserve to be celebrated. Let us shine a spotlight on the magnificent Honorable Mentions at Px3 2022, an esteemed photography competition. These remarkable photographs have captivated the judges with their artistic brilliance, storytelling prowess, and visual impact. Join us in commemorating the extraordinary Honorable Mentions at Px3 2022, as we acknowledge the remarkable talents that have left an indelible mark in the world of photography.

Mudec, staircase

Mudec, staircase - Maria Cristina Pasotti

The David Chipperfield-designed MUDEC (Museum of Cultures) in Milan is a multifunctional centre devoted to the diverse stories and cultures of the globe. The construction is made up of zinc-clad bricks with squared-off outlines and a crystal structure. This striking stairway that leads to the exhibition rooms is located at the entryway.


中菜西作/Chinese food with Western food styling - Yuhung Chang

Taiwan is a nation with lots of delectable cuisine. Everyone used to think that Taiwanese food was inexpensive and served in substantial quantities. The photographer wants more people to be aware of the exquisite ways in which our Taiwanese street food may be presented by showcasing works and food styling this time.

Chinese food with Western food styling
Ada e Annaide

Ada e Annaide - Cesidio Silla

One of the last ladies to live their entire lives wearing the traditional Scanno attire was Ada and Annaide. One of the most popular Italian destinations for photography is Scanno. Many photographers have lived and worked here, including some of the most well-known: Henry Cartier Bresson, Mario Giacomelli, Berengo Gardin, etc. In this photograph, Ada and Annaide are positioned to resemble the most well-known portrait of the two outstanding Italian magistrates, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.

Rebel without a cause - Anna Baptist

Humans have long had a similar interest in myths. They narrate stories about our true selves and the people we want to become.
While gods and demi-gods were the main characters in those tales in antiquity, now we commemorate modern-day heroes, such as James Dean, who is unrivalled in his ability to personify the rebellious spirit.
When you hear saxophonist Jan von Klewitz perform, you immediately think of the ideal of the intrepid, always free James Dean. The charm of Jan von Klewitz fits this idea.
The picture is from the "Rebel without a cause" 2021 album.

Rebel without a cause
Infinite Variety

Infinite Variety - Fabian Huebner

Natural beauty may be displayed in an infinite variety of colours and shapes. And when we make an effort to see beyond the limitations of what our eyes can perceive, we may catch a glimpse of nature's limitless beauty. This picture of the Swiss Alps was taken at dusk and depicts a number of beautiful mountain ranges in various strata.


Letters to the Loved Ones - Akiko DuPont

After finishing the letters, numerous participants said that "writing is different from texting." Since the COVID-19 lockdown started in the spring of 2020, the photographer has been asking individuals in London whether they may send letters to persons they've been thinking about. She has heard that since the lockdown began, texting has increased, but phone conversations between friends are increasing even more. While we are anxious about what the virus may bring, we are also more lonely than ever and want for connection. In our highly linked world, letters are one of the most private means of communication.


Letters to the Loved Ones
Flower Flow

Flower Flow - César Llaneza Rodríguez

Lepthotrix Discophora bacteria flourish in a marshy area near Lugones, Asturias, during the primroses' blossoming season. This bacterium oxidises metals including iron, chromium, and manganese to produce an iridescent-colored biofilm layer. I saw that when the photographer proceeded through the water, the layer split up into smaller fragments and they floated at full speed. The photographer has been working on an artistic series on this subject for several years. The notion of seeking a contrast between the particles' motion and the flowers' repose came to him.

Alexandru - Istvan Kerekes

In Targu Mures, next to the largest fertiliser chemical industry in Romania, lives shepherd Alexandru. Since the 1970s, the chemical plant that makes fertilisers has been damaging the area around Targu Mures, where it is located, as well as the local population. According to Alexandru, he is accustomed to the distinctive scent of ammonia.

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon - Steven Manolakis

Lake MacLeod, a big inland salt lake covering more than 20,000 acres in Western Australia's Gascoyne area, is home to one of the largest inland mangrove populations in the world as well as a system of wetlands. These settlements provide as a natural home for a wide range of fish, birds, and other creatures. Seawater is flushed into channels below and out through vertical shafts, sinkholes, and other surface vents inside the lake by ocean tides, which provide support for the wetlands.

Elvira's Peony - Maja Strgar Kurecic

These are pictures of the peony Elvira gave me. The photographer enjoys photographing the flowers that her friends and loved ones give her. She does this in an effort to retain the memory of that joyful moment of receiving that was accompanied by feelings of intimacy and affection for the person who gave me the flower. She aims to capture the eternal beauty of a flower that never fades with her shooting technique and lighting. She took pictures of the petals through water to highlight their fragile structure.


Elvira's Peony

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