Photographer of the Year / 2019 / Press /

The Wretched and the Earth

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/Nature/Environmental, 1st Place winner in Press
  • Photographer
    Gabriele Cecconi
  • Credit
    Gabriele Cecconi

In August 2017, almost 1 million Rohingya flocked to Bangladesh, fleeing persecution in their country of origin, Myanmar. The project aim to investigate the environmental impact of a sudden mass migration delineating the intersection of two very pressing narratives:people struggling to survive with few precious resources, and the impact of the refugee crisis on an already beleaguered ecosystem. In a particularly fragile region of a country that is one of the most vulnerable to climate change, the environmental crisis in Cox’s Bazar is an acute example of the challenge posed by mass migration.

Born in 1985, i'm a documentary photographer interested to social, political and environmental issues. I approached photography in 2014 after a law degree and in 2015 i was selected by Camera Torino and Leica for a masterclass with the Magnum photographer Alex Webb. After that i had many solo and collective exhibitions and i've published my works for different magazines among which L'Espresso, Internazionale, D La Repubblica and The Caravan.