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The Great Exodus: People With No Land

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    Mushfiqul Alam
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The widely known yet underrated is the Rohingya Crisis. An ethnic group of Myanmar, residing in the state of Rakhine for centuries, facing extreme racial segregation leading to further mayhem and ethnic cleansing as repercussion is the Rohingya. The recent, though belated, credence on the issue of inflicted tyranny upon them is just a mileage that has been set. However, that only acknowledges the crisis but barely covers the extent of the terror. A Rohingya does not begin the day with morning sunshine but the trepidation of uncertainty of life. There have been several attempts to label it as a scattered - Buddhist versus Muslim conflict, but the story lying beneath is different. Demolition of houses and forced evacuation has led to Rohingyas searching for refuge in an already densely populated country called Bangladesh and the refugees tantamount to nearly a million, which is nearly eighty-percent of the total.