/ 2013 / Press /

Battle of Aleppo

  • Prize
    Gold in Press/War, 1st Place winner in Press
  • Photographer
    Shin YAHIRO
  • Credit
    Shin YAHIRO

Clashes escalated in late July as the Syrian Army and opposition fighters fought in the city

Shin YAHIRO as a Japanese photographer born in 1979 Japan. He grew up in Kagawa prefecture west Japan until 18 years old. He was motor bike mechanic. After finished his job he started to travel several country after September 11. The September 11 make him a lot of doubt about overseas. He discovered his passion for photography while he was traveling to Asia, Middle east, Europe alone several years include conflict zone where are Iraq, Afghanistan, Tibet etc... He has learned photography by himself and stil continued. He started to cover conflict, social issue, disaster for news and documentary with photographs. He covered Syria civil war, Fukushima nuclear disaster, Tsunami in Japan, Egyptian revolution, Burma ethnic conflict, turmoil in Thailand etc... His work appeared several famous Japanese magazines.His focuses is people's feeling in suffering, awareness of people and future.