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Staining Visibility 9.16

I have invisible colors.

My optic nerve is damaged due to progression of glaucoma.
Due to damage to the optic nerve, it is difficult to discern colors.
Colors with little contrast difference are often unrecognizable.

Street scenes often appear in black and white.
t's a little dark and I can't see the color.
Light constantly changes the color of my vision.
Car lights, shop windows. Billboard neon sign. street lamp.
My vision changes color like a camera with auto white balance gone awry.

My vision is blurry as if I were wearing a monocle.
Please,See Pursuit of Invisible Vision.

Born in 1975.
Graduated from Tokyo International University in 1997.I interested computer in my school days.After graduation,I found a job at Japan System Techniques Co.,Ltd.I worked as a programmeer/application developper.Due the glaucoma,I wanted a leading professional,but I feel I'm at the limit of my ability,retire from company.I recieved instruction by photographer Yukinori Tokoro from 2010.Ever since,I debelop a glaucoma.I had 4 surgeries from 2015, but I had hardly see my left eyes at the present time.Ever since,Started artworks series "MONOCLE VISION".

Awards Dec.2022 Official Selection/Tokyo International Foto Award 2022/Farmani Group
Jan.2023 Selected/BrainBurun Art Award 2023/BrainBurun GALLERY/Hachioji
Mar.2023 Award for excellence/Saitama Prefectural Sewerage Photo Contest/Saitama Sewage Systems Agency
Platinum Winner/MUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2023/International Awards Associate
Apr.2023 Selected/Ashiya Photo Exhibition 2023/Ashiya Photo Asociation/Hyogo
May.2023 Gold Winner/LONDON PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2023/International Awards Associate
Jun.2023 Selected/Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition/TORAM/Fukuoka Art Asian Museum/Fukuoka
Aug.2023 Bronze Winner/P×3 - The Prix de la Photographie Paris 2023/Farmani Group
Gold Winner/EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2023/International Awards Associate
Sep.2023 Official Selection,Honorable Mention/International Photography Awards 2023/Farmani Group
Oct.2023 Second Prize/Art trip across Japan in Saitama/BUSCA LLC./Saitama Hall/Saitama
Selected/Binokigen-ten/Ginza Gallery Binokigen/Ginza
Nov.2023 Shimauma Print Awards/Art Photo Exhibition 2023/Japan Education of Art Association/Yokohama
Nominee/the 18th Annual Black & White Spider Awards/Black & White Spider Awards
Popular Artist Award/12th DISCOVER THE ONE JAPANESE ART 2022 in Paris/QUALIART Co., Ltd./Japan
Dec.2023 Certificated of Artistic Archivement/Luxemburg Art Prize 2023/Pinacotheque/Luxembourg
Dynamic Comtemporary Artist Award/12th Dynamic Contemporary Artist Exhibition/TORAM/The national Art Center,Tokyo
Bronze Winner/reFocus Awards Black & White Photo Contest 2023/Creative Resource Collective
Silver Winner/NEW YORK PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2023/International Awards Associate
Honorable Mention/Budapest International Foto Awards 2023/Farmani Group
Jan.2024 Honorable Mention/Tokyo International Foto Award 2023/Farmani Group
Honorable Mention/10th Monochrome Photography Awards(2023)/Monochrome Awards