/ 2023 / Nature / Earth

Deity 2

This photograph is part of a series called Deities, taken in the Libyan Desert. Specifically, I travelled to the Western Desert, a part of the Libyan Desert that meets the River Nile in the east in Egypt and Libya to the west. The processes of weathering, freezing, thawing and erosion have over time carved these monumental and otherworldly sculptures of chalk. Brought to life by the elements, these giant scultpures inhabit this numinous landscape as if guarding a pathway to communicate with another dimension.

Wingfield is a fine art digital photography artist based in London. She draws her inspiration from the natural world. Concentrating on long-term projects, her practice is driven by an urge to uncover and explore the purity and deep mystery of our ecosphere throughout the world and to monumentalise the small and often overlooked flora and fauna that are intrinsic to life on this planet. The work is characterised by an unashamed quest for the beauty infused in landscape and the feeling of awe that it triggers and nurtures.