/ 2023 / Nature / Sky

Epic Aoraki

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Sky, Bronze in Special/Night Photography
  • Photographer
    Emanuele Del Bufalo, New Zealand
  • Studio
    Edb Photography Lab

I am on the shores of Lake Hooker, in front of me stands Mount Aoraki, the highest peak in New Zealand.

"According to the Maori legend, Aoraki and his three brothers were on a voyage around Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother, when their canoe was stranded. They decide to climb on the top side of their canoe. The cold south wind hit them, froze them, and turned them into stone. According to the legend their canoe became New Zealand's South Island, Aoraki, the tallest of the brothers, gave his name to the highest peak, his brothers and members of his crew became the mountains of the Southern Alps."