/ 2023 / Fine Art / Landscape

Importance of Snow

In Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, snow supports ecosystems, and at the core of it, life. The region doesn’t get much precipitation in the summer, so it highly depends on the snowmelt to feed the rivers and keep soils moist. Due to climate change, winters in Colorado are already a month shorter than they were only 50 years ago. As the snowpack shrinks, the region faces longer periods of drought, which then create a recipe for more frequent and intense wildfires.

Days like this, with fresh snow on the ground and sparkly snow in the air, are becoming a rare occurrence in the Elk mountain range.

Tamara Susa is a Serbian Documentary photographer based in Aspen, Colorado. Her work focuses on environmental issues and the impacts human choices have on the natural world.

Tamara holds an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from London College of Communication at the University of Arts London.

Awards PX3 2023 - Fine Art/Landscape Bronze
NEPSA Photo Contest 2022 - Best Action Photo
People’s Choice Art Show 2019 - Best In Show
Roaring Fork Conservancy Photo Contest 2017 - Professional Category First Place
North By Northeastern Media Festival - Let There Be House (2013), A Walk in New York (2011)