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in human seize

human has always been looking for life, even before he could find a word to name it. It has moved on the path of eternity, without knowing it;
Built a house, Hunted, Sown seeds, And sewn clothes, And over the years and centuries, the only idea and tool in his hand that has changed. He kept asking, Made, Meet the need And he ran after what he wanted. He has left something behind every time he leaves: Abandoned houses, empty chair, Button buttons! In the path of eternity, man has kept the light on. It's as if he wanted to say, "One day, I was alive here!"

Beginning of artistic activities since 2000
Freelance photographer based in Tehran

Awards awards
Winner of the top prize of the American Poy Competition (Environmental Vision section) 2022
Winner of the Landscape section of the Sony-England 2022 World Photography Awards
Winner of the Landscape section of the Sony - UK 2021 World Photography Awards
Winner of the International Focus Photography Awards Competition - Albania 2021
Winner of the Photography and Literature Festival - Austria 2022
Winner of the big competition felix schoeller photo award 2021 Germany 2022
Finalist of the London Street Photography Festival - London 2021
Honorary diploma from the Orhan Holding International Photo Contest 2021
Finalist of the Montier France International Photo Contest France 2021
Second place in Documentary TV Festival - Iran 2021
Selected for the 14th Fajr Visual Arts Festival - Iran 2022
Nominated for the award of the fifth press photo badge of the year - Iran 2021
Second place in the Orhan Holding 2020 International Photo Contest
Ribbon of honor for the Cina - Italy 2020 match
Special appreciation of the jury in the 29th International Railway Photography Competition - Spain 2018
And more than 100 other awards from national and international festivals 2010-2022