/ 2023 / Fine Art / Collage


”Resilience” is a story between two different nations. The other who arrogantly, cruelly, insolently, greedily and unfairly tries to conquer and subjugate another with their territory, steal their wealth and natural resources, while trying to erase this nation from history, sowing nothing but destruction and terror -only to find that the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the other is not trampled upon without consequences and steadfast resistance.

This image encourages people around the world to help and support Ukrainians as they fight just to defend what is their own.

Onni Wiljami is an internationally awarded advertising photographer and artist working from Oulu, Finland. With nearly 20 years of experience in the photography industry, coming from portrait and documentary photography, he has developed into an expert in detailed and action-packed composite photography. With he's imaginative mind he can provide clients with personal ideas for a project or a campaign as a part of the planning team.
He also works on his own art projects, which usually combine the confrontation of man and nature with a surrealistic and fantasy perspective.