/ 2023 / Fine Art / Collage

"Plain Plane Cuts" series

"In my recent project 'Plain Plane Cuts' (still life theme) I use paper, scissors, and light and shadow play. I'm attracted by the process of merging forms and colors, by the illusion of volume in these absolutely flat figures. It's fascinating to observe how individual objects compose the whole picture."

Olena Zubach is an art photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine.
She graduated from the Kyiv School of Photography in 2021 and ever since she is exploring the still life genre.
“Through my art experiments, I discovered that with the capabilities of my camera I can get a photo visually very close to the painting. I like to immerse myself in the world of painting in this way. In my artworks I am trying to reveal airiness, to erase borders between fine art and photography, to blur boundaries between reality and figment, to achieve aesthetic content by combining the ordinary an ordinary and the unusual.”

Awards Awards
● Winner (Gold) TIFA,Tokyo, 2022
● Winner (Gold) ND Awards, GB, 2022
● Winner FAMPA, Still life theme, Ukraine, 2022
● Winner (Bronze) PX3, Paris, 2022
● Honourable mention in Fine Art category, IPA, Los Angeles, 2022
● Nomination in FineArt category, 8th FIPA, London, 2022