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Architecture of Gilded Dreams

The early 20th-century ushered in an audaciously romantic American gem: the picture-palace. As "movie-magic" permeated society, pleasure domes of unrivaled artifice and euphoric pageantry sprouted up across the nation. Designers embodied the splendor of ancient temples, Renaissance palaces, and European opera houses. Cinema's appeal revamped theatres as treasured gathering places. This series transports viewers into bygone playhouses of exotic cultures, while showcasing how cinema's glamour, appeal, and broad access subverted class distinctions conventionally upheld in classical theatre.

Christos J. Palios (b. 1979) is a fine-artist and first-generation Greek-American whose perspectives were shaped in-part from two disparate and fascinating cultures. The artist's practice is born from a wellspring of insatiable curiosity among themes of memory, connection, and identity, consummated by intimate examinations of history, architecture, and socioeconomics. Employing multifaceted approaches rooted in research and with an appreciation of metaphorical and physical space, the artist's photographs evoke cogent, palpable awareness through distinct narratives and cohesive aesthetics.

Awards 2023
Publication, Artnet, Instagram Feature (Sarakiniko)—
Best Series, NY Photo Curator, Urban Landscapes, Curated by Steve Benson (Un-Finished // Contemporary Ruins)—
Publication, Float Photo Magazine, Home is Where (Athenian)—
Winner, Communication Arts, Photography Annual, (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
Publication, Aspire Design and Home Magazine, Architectural Gems: The Pageantry Of Post-WWI Movie Palaces (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
Finalist, Aesthetica Art Prize, Longlist (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
Exhibitor, Critical Mass Top 50, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, WA (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—

Silver Award, Tokyo International Foto Awards, Architecture/Fine Art, (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
Finalist Top 50, Photolucida’s Critical Mass, (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
3rd Prize, International Photography Awards, (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
Publication, Musée Magazine, Issue #27: Performance, Featured Artist, (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
Publication, Beta Developments in Photography, Issue #45, (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
Exhibitor, Cape Cod Cultural Center, Online Exhibition, (Conversations)—
Interview, Dodho Magazine, Barcelona, (Conversations)—
Shortlist, Athens Photo Festival, Athens, Greece, (Architecture of Gilded Dreams, Resplendence of Antipodes, Sarakiniko)—
Exhibitor, F-Stop Magazine Online Group Exhibition, Amusement (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
Shortlist, Communication Arts, Photography Annual, (Architecture of Gilded Dreams)—
Publication, Dodho Magazine, Fine Art/Still Life, (Conversations)—

Full resume: https://www.christospalios.com/resume