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"Natures creations", is a series of aerial photographs, taken from the passenger seat of a small aircraft on the Australian coast. River inlets, Coral reef and Sandbars forming wonderful patterns and shapes, and amazing nature colour palettes.

Ingrid was born in the Netherlands and moved to Australia in 1981.
She completed a diploma in photography in 2012, and received her honours L.A.P.S. and A.A.P.S. from the Australian Photographic Society in 2015 and 2021.
She loves People, Aerial and landscape Photography, and is passionate about using her craft of aerial Image making, as a tool to share "Australia from Above".
Ingrid and her pilot husband have been flying around Australia, the US, Canada, Alaska and Africa, combining their passions for Flying and Photography.

Awards AWARDS:
Her photo books have won 1st and 2nd, in the Australian Photographic Society Photo book competition 2018, 2019 and 2021.
The book; LADAKH received honourable mentions from IPA, international Photography awards, and TIFA ,Tokyo International Photography Awards.Her latest book; AERIAL ART a second prize in the Australian Photographic Society Photobook competition 2021.
3 Silver and 3 Bronze Award in the Epson PANO Awards 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021.
A Merit in the APS , 2019 exhibition.
Highly commended in the 2020 Aerial/drone Sienna awards.
Gold in the 2020 PX3 Paris photography awards.
Silver in the New York Photography awards 2021 .
Silver in the PX3 2021.
New York Photography Awards 2022 Nature category winner of the Year.
EPSON PANO AWARDS 2022 Silver and Bronze.
IPA 2022, Honorable Mention,
PX3 2022, Silver winner .
PX3 2023 , 2x Silver winner.