/ 2023 / Special / Street Photography

Tutto rotto

  • Prize
    Bronze in Special/Street Photography
  • Photographer
    Martin Kesting, Germany
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Taranto, 3000 years old. Spartans, Romans, Saracens and Normans left their mark. In the 1960s, the city of the two seas, which was shaped by fishing and shellfish farming, became an industrial city. Urban development brutal. The huge steelworks, which still poisons the air today and dominates the lagoon like a threatening backdrop, made almost all the residents of the cramped old town move to the new town. "Tutto rotto!" She smiles shyly and shrugs apologetically. As if she were personally responsible for the decay of the old town. We smile back. "Rotto, ma bellissimo!"

Martin Kesting is a photographer, sculptor and he creates jewellery. He lives and works in Berlin Neukölln. In his sculptures and installations, found objects and materials formed by the elements are often combined with photographs and text. Martin is interested in transience, intermediate states, traces and structures. For several years he has worked on a long term series about Berlin in which he uses, among other things, excavated WWII bomb debris.
In 2020 he published teh photo book „The Wheel“, about travels in the Himalayas and Southeast Asia.

Awards "The Wheel" Urban Book Award 2020, Shortlisted
"Seeing Things" Fine Art Photo Awards 2020, Nominee
"The Wheel" PX 3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2021, Bronze
"Sara-la-Kâli" Urban Photo Award 2022, longlist.
"Sara-la-Kâli" Fine Art Photography Awards 2023, Nominée
"Tutto Rotto" PX 3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2023, Bronze