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Photobook SYNC calls for reflection in times when technological progress seems to be accelerating. Taking part and going along with the “manufacturable world” seems to matter more in the 21st century than coming to one’s senses. In a highly modernist society that largely takes place online, Maria Dabrowski started to focus her photography on finding a new balance. More and more people struggle with burnouts and mental problems continue to increase in our fast-paced world. Sync tries to shed a new light to a more subjective and natural rhythm, with attention for the details of the everyday.

Maria Dabrowski (1988) graduated cum laude from the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels and obtained a bachelor of Design in Photography from the HKU in Utrecht.

Her work has its origins in documentary photography. With an analogue camera in her pocket, she is often intuitively touched by her subject, after which she dives into the content. The long-term projects, which express both personal and social involvement, are often presented in photo installations and in book form.

Awards She received various grants and prizes, including The Best Dutch Book Designs 2019 for her book project 'Odsłonić' in which she researched her family history.

2022 Grant for project SYNC - Stichting Jaap Harten Fonds.
2022 Grant for talent development, for project SYNC - Groeispurt Fonds Nijmegen
2020 "Odsłonić" shortlisted for MACK First Book Award, London
2020 Grant for talent development, project Birth of a Mother - Province of Gelderland
2019"Odsłonić" awarded at the Best Dutch Book Designs
2018 Runner-up - Photographique Analogue Award 2018, Bristol
2014 Mondriaan Fund - Visual art grant. Stipendium for Emerging Artists, The Netherlands
2009 Nominated for Mr. Motley; Talent Top 3