/ 2023 / Architecture / Cityscape


"Venetian Reverie" transcends time, capturing Venice's serene grandeur via long exposure photography. Muted compositions come alive with vibrant bursts from buoyant poles or pastel reflections, providing depth and balance. This meticulous study of contrast, juxtaposes city's steadfast elements with life's transient luminosity. Each frame is a visual poem, transforming cityscapes into ethereal dreamscapes, inviting viewers on a sensory voyage, encapsulating Venice's symphony of light, color, and serenity.

Born and raised around Big Sur, California, Scott Reither has achieved international recognition as a fine art landscape photographer with a taste for the dramatic and the transcendental. His long-exposure photographs sensitively record the atmospheric effects, lyrical beauty and emotional revelations that occur through the combination of light, space and time. Captured in evocative locations around the world, Reither’s photographs are expressive evidence of the raw and wondrous truths still to be found in the landscape.