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William Hill

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Other, 1st Place winner in Advertising
  • Photographer
    peter muller, United Kingdom
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    pete muller photography
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I was commissioned in the summer of 2022 to produce a large series of images for William Hill, the betting company. They were all based around football, as they were to coincide with the new premier league season start. it was a month of solid production to get everything and everyone in place, made sure all the boxes were ticked, as there was a lot to consider, but the shoot went so well, so smoothly. They love the results and so do I. There are still another 15 stills to be approved and retouched, plus 10 super slow motion clips, so I can't wait to see those.

i have been shooting for over 20 years. i work mainly in the lifestyle advertising genre, i shoot a lot for various stock agencies as well.my work is normally a fairly natural depiction of everyday activities, but i like to think, on a good day, to make my shots create an aspirational feel and offer the viewer a bit of escapism, or desire to be in the scene. i am a fairly easy going happy kind of guy and i want my shots and images to depict how i want to live my life. i also shoot footage, as it was a natural progression from the very narrative based stills shoots.