/ 2023 / Fine Art / Still Life

All on camera series

A selection of a large project where I photographed different flowers with a triple exposure directly on camera. I simply moved the camera up and down or to the left and the right or in a little circle, to create a new way the see flowers. I started the project on 2021 but on 2023 I decided to go on and I looked for the right flowers to be captured.

I'm a commercial agent but photography for me is a great passion. As most of us I've always taken photos but I started seriously 12 years ago.
My favourite photographic subject in the last years is modern architecture and minimalism but I ranges from portrait to travel photography to street photography.

Awards Winner in 2014, 2016 and 2017 at "Portfolio in Lucinico” with the works "Diplopia”, "Outside from inside” and “La fabbrica di sigari”.
"La fabbrica di sigari" has been finalist and winner in two different italian contests.
"Salon Diploma" at the New York-Manhattan 2017 contest.
3 Gold medal and few Salon Diplomas in 2018/2019 in PCA Circuits
HM at IPA 2017 and 2018
HM at IPA OneShot Street Photography 2019
HM at IPA OneShot Movement 2020
HM at IPA 2021 Architecture category
HM at Monochrome Photography Award 2018
3 HM at Monochrome Photography Award 2019
3 HM at Monochrome Photography Award 2020
4 HM at Monochrome Photography Award 2021 (architecture and Photomanipulation)
2 HM at Minimalist Photography Award 2019
2 HM at Minimalist Photography Award 2020
1 HM at Minimalist Photography Award 2021
4 HM at Minimalist Photography Award 2022
Commended at CREATIVE Sipa Contest 2022
Gold medal in Portfolio/Personal Category and 2nd place in Portfolio at TIFA 2019
2 HM at TIFA 2020 in Still life category
Silver place at TIFA 2021 in Fine Art/Special effects cat. and 4 works selected
Gold medal in Portfolio Personal category and Bronze medal in Portfolio Fine Art Category at MIFA 2020
2 HM at MIFA 2021 Abstract cat.
Silver Place at BIFA 2021 Fine art/Abstract cat.
Gold winner, 2 Bronze winner and 2 HM at PX3 Paris Photo Price 2020
Silver and Bronze winner and one HM at PX3 Paris Photo Prize 2021
Bronze Award at PX3 Paris Photo Prize 2022 Press/Travel/Tourism cat.
Finalist at URBAN 2021 in Portfolio category
Finalist at URBAN 2021 at New Buildings Prize
Finalist at URBAN 2022 in Portfolio category
Bronze award at PX3 2022 category Press/travel/tourism
Shortlisted at PX3 State of the World 2022
2 official selection at IPA 2022 and Second Place in category Editorial/Press/Personality
6 winner award and 3 Honorable mention at Architecture Masterprize Student Photography 2022