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Invisible Jumpers

With this series I matched people to their landscapes through custom knitwear. These pictures are created for real, not using CGI. Each image has taken weeks to research, and I’ve given a knitting friend a precise brief on exactly how the design should match the background.

I have generally begun with ideas: ‘Could I photograph someone blending into a sea wall, or into a cliff edge?’ Then I search for the perfect location. The locations have to be eye-catching but simple enough to be knitted.

The best summary of what I do is 'storytelling with a side order of off-beat creativity and an occasional sprinkling of optical illusions'. Twins blended into a wall with custom knitwear? Check. A railway line merging into a zipper? Check. A lifestyle shoot featuring a cardboard teenager? Yup, that too.

Clients around the world choose me to create advertising and editorial images and films of people on location or in studio.

I love finding creative solutions and ideas and making sure everyone has fun in the process.

Awards — Sony World Photography Awards
— AOP Photographers Awards
— Creative Review
— Applied Arts
— Luerzer's Archive 200 best ad photographers
— PDN Annual
— Creativepool
— IPA Cristal
— One Eyeland
— Stratégies
— Epica
— Eurobest
— Spotlight Awards
— 125 Live
— Trieste Photo Days Urban Photo Awards
— Portrait Salon
— GoSee Awards