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CULTURAL LIVING HERITAGE ‘the last of their kind’

Many people know that the Orangutan and the Polar bear are on the verge of extinction. But closer to home, special varieties are also in danger of disappearing. I live in the Netherlands and have looked at what it is like here.
The Red & White Friesian cow, the Groningen horse, the Zeeuws milk sheep… Where these animals used to be the first domesticated farm animals in the Netherlands, they are now the last of their kind. Reason enough to put these rare pet breeds in the spotlight.With these images I want to give the animals a face and also highlight their original habitat.

I merges my stories with photography and digital manipulation to create scenic hyperreal imagery that confuses the boundaries between the natural and the artificial and the past and the present.

As a child I used to draw a lot, draw and combine. And that’s what I do now with photography.

I use my camera the way a painter uses paint. By combining different elements, I create an entirely new performance at my own discretion. I photograph everything myself. That is a requirement. Sometimes my images are surreal and other times hyper-realistic.