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Reign of the Eagle Hunters

In the center of the Altai Mountains on the border between Kazakhstan and Mongolia, it is the territory of Muslim aborigine in Kazakhstan.

This is the habitat of legendary hunters. They are respectively called “Bergedchin” in Kazakhstan Language or “Eagle Hunters”

For the past 250 years, these hunters have used golden eagles to hunt the animals. They've been training since they were ten years old to hunt in the difficult terrain in the mountains on horseback with their loyal birds, as if they were legendary warriors from ancient folklore.

Jatenipat Ketpradit(1984) is a photographer, outdoor traveller who always seeking for an exciting experience.
He lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Most of his work is about exotic tribal culture and landscape by more than 10 years experience in photography.
award-winning international portrait photographer of the year 2021 . Published worldwide by National Geographic(ESP), Digital SLR Magazine, Practical Photography and Digital Camera World magazines.

Awards 2nd Place-2021 International Portrait Photographer of the Year.
Top 101 International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017.