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Ethiopia:Land of Origins

This photos series show the people who live in Lower Omo River at south west Ethiopia.

With a culture dating back 3 millennia but many centuries of isolationthe, the ethnic groups of Ethiopia have a great variety in cultural expressions and distinction, but with coming civilization, many of those traditions are disappearing very fast. Many traditions are not likely to survive.

Jatenipat Ketpradit(1984) is a photographer, outdoor traveller who always seeking for an exciting experience.
He lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Most of his work is about exotic tribal culture and landscape by more than 10 years experience in photography.
award-winning international portrait photographer of the year 2021 . Published worldwide by National Geographic(ESP), Digital SLR Magazine, Practical Photography and Digital Camera World magazines.

Awards 2nd Place-2021 International Portrait Photographer of the Year.
Top 101 International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017.