/ 2022 / Nature / Wildlife

The Natives

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Wildlife
  • Photographer
    Ryan Creevey
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A portrait series of native Australian animals. Photographed in a contained studio environment, the resulting work is a collection of images juxtaposing the wild against the controlled. The purity of the backdrop magnifies the raw beauty of ‘The Natives’, with a hyper-realness that amplifies every minute detail. Bushfires have devastated Australia and destroyed the very habitats these animals once called home, giving new meaning to the studio setting as a representation of the void that has been left in the wake of the destruction.

Ryan (or Creevey as he's affectionately known) is an acclaimed rising star in Melbourne's photographic scene.
At his heart, Ryan is all about intuition. Anyone can press a button and take a photo, but it takes a specific eye and perceptivity to capture a moment that tells a story and says more than the sum of its parts.
Specialising in food, beverage and still life, Ryan loves applying his unique attention to detail to create iconic imagery. He especially loves a technical challenge, the more technically challenging, the lovelier Ryan is.

Awards Lürzer's Archive - 200 Best Ad Photographers 2020/21
International Photography Awards 2021 - HM
One Eyeland - World’s Top Still Life Photographers 2020 - Rank #4
One Eyeland - Australia’s Top Still Life Photographers 2020 - Rank #1
International Photography Awards 2020 - HM, The Natives
One Eyeland - Australia’s Top Still Life Photographers 2019 - Rank #1