/ 2022 / Fine Art / People

Peace and War

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/People
  • Photographer
    Carine Van Gerven
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A choir of angels and musicians in a religious setting give an impression of universal peace
But the composition makes it clear that, at any place in the world, war can be near.
As a symbol: the string orchestra that is divided. We sense an aggressive, haughty atmosphere in the camp where red poppies are scattered on the black dress of the woman who symbolises war. The roses are inextricably linked to the memory of a warfare that, rocked the entire world. Are the angels making an attempt at reconciliation and sending the dove of peace to the woman in white? Look and discover the symbols.

Carine Van Gerven (b. 1966) studied art and painting. Connecting people through art and creating projects is one of her goals.
After her graduation, she became an art teacher in a secondary art school in Overpelt, Belgium. As an artist, she organised several projects and participated in many exhibitions in Belgium and France.
Over the years, photography became her language to express herself. She tells today’s stories in a historical outlook. In 2017 she founded the acclaimed photo festival ‘Lens op de Mens’ in Overpelt, where she now is the coordinator and creative lead.

Awards - 4 times selection Belgian team World Photographic Cup
- Funeral award: art
- Official selection London creative competition 2021
- Selection Impact Oudenburg 2021
- FEP 3 merit awards 2020
- Bourbon Lancy selection Photofestival
- FEP 1 merit award 2021