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Falling Man

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Claire Felicie, Netherlands
  • Studio
    Claire Felicie
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My photo book Falling Man, shot entirely with analog cameras, started off during the lockdown in March 2020. The book, in a design by Sybren Kuiper, combines diptychs of photos of the deserted Red Light district in Amsterdam and photos of graveyards and churches, with portraits of people who are thinking about their mortality (the Memento Mori series) The book invites you to take time for
 s i l e n c e and c o n t e m p l a t i o n even without a pandemic and lockdowns. The idea is that the reconciliation with one's own mortality is liberating, as well as reducing the fear of death.

‘Loss’ is the central theme in my work. Loss of innocence, loss of support, loss of loved ones, loss of illusions and dreams.
Very early in my life I loose those close to me; when I’m only four years of age, my mother dies of cancer. I’m confronted with death hitting suddenly and people leaving abruptly without saying goodbye.
These events are a major influence on my work. How do we deal with grief, misfortune, failure and disillusionment and how do we cope with these life-changing events?
I believe art is capable of giving reconciliation; art can offer a way out.

Awards International Photo Award - IPA 2017

Photobook Independent Award 2017

Honorable Mention Award Lens Culture 2011