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Paracetamol and Ibuprofen

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    Silver in Book/People
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    Lucas Urenda
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Thisbook portrays the biography of a person with AIDS in Chile.it takes a tour of the spaces,people and places where she wanders trying to survive.Psychiatry,brothels &sexuality are some of the topics discussed.Absent" is called that person,where through images and texts written by hand by himself,marginality and untreated sexual abuse are deepened.The records of this project show the prevailing precariousness &the desire to reverse manifest destiny through palliative treatment and psychological help.Texts of project are built with his life diary&from when he was a child and from my pics.

freelance documentary photographer.

Author of the photobook "Ser Invisible" (Ocho libros editores, 2018).

Author of the photobook "Paracetamol e Ibuprofeno" (Ocho libros editores (2021, 2022).

His work is based on the relationship between humans and their environment.

Awards Awarded by "Nuestras Culturas" of the Redcultura area "Consejo Nacional de las Culturas y las Artes" Government of Chile (2014 -2015).

Finalist of the 22nd Latin American Documentary Photography Festival "Los Trabajos y Los Días" organized by ENS and the Ministry of Culture, Medellin, Colombia (2016).

"Honourable Mention" with the book series Being Invisible at the Monovisions Photography Awards 2018. (London -England).

"Honourable Mention" with the photograph "The Sea Oil Mine" in the Ikei Photo Contest 2019 (San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain).

Awarded by the Municipality of Puerto Natales with the photograph "El baile del ave" in the "Donde se cruzan los vientos" Contest 2019 (Puerto Natales, Chile).

6 "Honorable mentions" Monovisions Awards 2019, London, England.

7 finals and 6 honorable mentions at the International Photography Awards 2019 (New York, Usa, 2019).

1st place at the Fine Art Photography Awards 2020, London England, with the series "Social Crisis in Chile" in the category "Photojournalism".

"Honorable mention" at IPA 2020, NYC, with the series "Social Crisis in Chile".

"Honorable Mention" at IPA 2021, NYC, with the series "Noa Noa".

1 platinum, 13 golds and 7 silvers at Muse Photography Awards 2021 NYC

Silver and gold at New York Photography Festival 2022

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