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Memories through the Liquid Desert Waves

Where there was once life, now there’s silence and sand.These silent vestiges resonate with stories,memories and questions. Nature has taken back what was hers.The desert is merciless, irrepressible.It flows through everything, in waves that seem almost liquid.My images are composed of multiple shots.This creative process of (re)composing is reminiscent of how we arrange memories in our minds.Memories are fleeting and fickle. We remake our pasts in the same way I have remade this images.
That day in the desert, I stood struggling to make sense of these fleeting glimpses of a world now vanished

Born in Quito, Ecuador, studied in Boston and mastered photography in Madrid which cemented her passion for sharing her vision of the world through visual stories. She is driven by an insatiable curiosity, born from her early explorations of the Andes and the Galapagos Islands. Over the years, her work has led her to travel across five continents, avidly capturing the essence of the cultures and natural worlds she encounters. As the environmental crisis has grown, she has found herself employing photography more politically, as a tool for raising awareness.

Awards Anamaria Chediak has been awarded: LensCulture Art Photography Award(2022)Finalist; Woman of the Year in Visual Arts(2020), Revista Hogar,Ecuador; LensCulture Journey Award(2020)Finalist; Sony World Photography Awards(2019)National Award Winner, London; Caminos de Hierro(2018)Finalist, Madrid; Photographer of the Year(2014)Enrique Ponce Award, Spain; various Silver & Bronce Awards at Epson International Pano Awards; twenty-eight Honorable Mentions in the IPA International Photography Awards (2016,2017,2019,2020); shortlisted in three categories for the CUPOTY Awards(2020)

Chediak’s has published 5 books:"GALÁPAGOS Life & Evolution"(2018)with a foreword of Philippe Cousteau;“AFRICA”(2010)with a foreword of Yolanda Yolanda Kakabadse,President WWF International,“BLOOM”(2008);“ETHOS”(2003);“EL ESCONDRIJO DEL TORO”(1998).She collaborated with Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau in the book “OCEAN FOR DUMMIES”(2021)and her work about the Arctic was published in the book “PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE VISUAL CULTURE”(2021)Italy.

Chediak’s work has been exhibited in Ecuador,Latin America, United States,France,the United Kingdom,Spain,and Italy. Some of the exhibitions include: “Shapes of Living/Living Earth”, ArtSiteFest 2021,Italy(2021-2022);“Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition”,Somerset House,London(2019);“Caminos de Hierro”,Traveling Exhibition through 13 cities,Spain(2018until 2020);“GALAPAGOS Life&Evolution”,Quito(2018);“El Final de la Aventura”,Barcelona(2017);“El Final de la Aventura"Madrid(2016); “Une vision graphique feminine”,Nimes(2014);“En solitario”,C.San Francisco,Quito(2013);“Regards de toreros”,Nimes(2012);“Mano a Mano”,Nimes(2012);“Africa”,Centro Cultural Metropolitano,Quito(2010);“Gestos Jondos”,Quito (2009);“Bloom”,Quito(2008);“Shapes,Colors,and Textures”,Miami,during Art Basel(2008);“Ethos”,Madrid (2005);“Cuento Ecuatoriano",Canal Isabel II(2003)Madrid;“Desnudando el Alma”,Museo Cuidad Quito-Guayaquil(2000);“Luces y Sombras"Quito(1997);“Woman’s Eye"FLACSO(1996)