/ 2022 / Architecture / Interior

Blast from its past Tskaltubo (Georgia).

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Interior
  • Photographer
    Lorenzo Lumeras
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After the fall of the soviet union the spa town of Tskaltubo stopped having the two daily trains that connected it with the soviet union.20 monumental spas were left abandoned. Of classical style they have a central patio on each floor, and in the side corridors the rooms for therapy for the workers. It was mandatory for them to attend two weeks a year without their wives. Tskaltubo was created in in 1930 for them and the political elites; even Stalin had his private bath (photo nº7)The interiors are colossal in style,
classic,far from the rationalist, futuristic style of the times of Lenin

Awards Honour mention PRAXIS gallery Minneapolis EEUU. 2016
Selected exibition PRAXIS GALLERY (MINNEAPOLIS)2019

Collective exhibition MILLEPIANI gallery ROME.
DECEMBER 2019 and March 2020.

first prize "Ciudad de Badajoz" 2016
Exhibition at "Palacio de Linares" Cibeles (Madrid) 2016
Second prize "Ciudad de Badajoz" photo prize. 2019
Second prize "Sala el Brocense" Visual arts awards. Cáceres (Spain) 2018