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There must be lights burning brighter somewhere.

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    Silver in Advertising/Food
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    Tina Sturzenegger
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It's a story about trying and failing.

You should drink healthy smoothies but instead you smoke cigarettes like there's no tomorrow..you should focus on one thing but you're multitasking in your bathroom,
things go wrong but you still believe in fortune cookies,
you should not have a snack in your bathtub but you're doing it anyways.

The story about trying and failing goes on and on.
But there must be lights burning brighter somewhere.

I styled, photographed and edited it.

Tina Sturzenegger is a food and still life photographer who is passionate about creating beautiful and memorable visual stories.
She works confidently in studios, but is also happy to shoot on location.

After completing her degree in business management, Tina self-taught the act of photography and high skilled image retouching.

Tina’s photography style is contemporary and modern. She has a huge passion for building modern set ups and brining the images to life with a catchy light.

Awards Art Directors Club Switzerland - 2021
ADC Gallery - Solo Exhibition
there must be lights burning brighter"

IPFO - International Photo Festival Olten - 2021
Exhibition Photoville4600

Art Directors Club 100th Annual Awards 2021
Shortlisted Photography, Free Project

Art Directors Club Awards - 99th 2020
MERIT for my photo series
"I think you're freaky and I like you a lot"

Oneeyeland Silver Award 2019/2020
Category "Food Advertising"

Spotlight Award 2019
Category "Food and Drinks"
Gold Winner