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Pasola - A Sumbanese Sporting Tradition

  • Prize
    Bronze in Special/Others “Special”
  • Photographer
    Wolfgang Weinhardt
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Heralded by the arrival of the nyale, mythically revered sea worms, the Sumbanese celebrate a spectacular spear fight on horseback at the end of each rainy season: Pasola. a war ritual played to celebrate the rice planting season. The multi-day ceremony begins with the battle between the clans on the beach.
Pantai Wanokaka, Sumba Barat, Indonesia

GDR-born adventurer/autodidact

Focus on asian culture & biodiversity, animism, dogmas & rituals, street & travel photography

Awards - Gold Medal - PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris
- London International Creative Competition 2020/ Finalist
- International Color Awards 2020 - 4 Honorable Mentions/Nominations
- Winner Premium Photo Competition 2020 by Thorsten Overgaard
- Category-Winner Sony World Photography Award 2014 / Finalist
- Category-Winner Sony World Photography Award 2011 / Finalist
- International Color Awards - Outstanding Achievement in Fine Art
- Moscow International Foto Award / Finalist
- Photography Masters Cup - Outstanding Achievement in Fine Art
- Winner ISI Premium Contest by Leica
- Gold Medal - San Francisco International Photography Awards
- Winner 2014 International Feature Photographer Competition
- 34th Annual Photography Contest / Finalist
- Photographer Of The Month - World Photography Organisation
- Mark Of Excellence Leica Black & White Competition
- Shortlist Society Of Biology (Home, Habit & Shelter)
- Winner ISI Contest Children by Leica
- Winner ISI Contest Sports by Leica
- Winner CEWE Sonderpreis ROT
- Winner ColorFoto Contest "Bewegung"
- London International Creative Competition - Mark Of Excellence
- Four-time Winner I-SHOT-IT Street- and Child Competition 2020
- several "Merits", "Mark Of Excellence" and "Honorable Mentions"(IPA, WPO o. Master's Cup, Epson Pano..)