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The future that is past

Last warm days of autumn in my favorite seaside village Calella de Palafrugell, Spain.

Ricardas Jarmalavicius is an internationally acclaimed amateur photographer from Lithuania, famous for his vulnerable black-and-white photos, mostly taken with his iPhone.

A good photo is not an image but a mirror, says Ricardas. In this mirror, people see their stories, feelings, memories, fears, and expectations.

Ricardas’ unique point of view on life is shaped by his childhood in an orphanage, prison guard experience, long-term work in journalism and public relations, books, and a colorful personal life.

Ricardas has received more than 100 international photography awards.

Awards 2023 Tokyo Int. Foto Awards, Gold, People-Children
2023 Tokyo Int. Foto Awards, 3 x Honorable Mention (HM), People-Children-Family / Smartphone
2023 Px3 Paris Photography Prize, Gold, Portraiture-Children
2023 Px3 Paris, 2x Bronze, Smartphone/Night
2023 Px3 Paris, 10x HM
2023 ND Awards, Silver Winner, People-Children
2023 ND Awards, 3x HM, Street/Children/Other
2023 Monochrome Photography Awards, 2nd Place Winner, Portrait
2023 iPhone Photography Awards, 3x HM, People/Lifestyle/Animals
2023 International Photography Awards (IPA), 5x HM
2023 Mobile Photography Awards (MPA), HM, Silhouettes
2023 Monochromatic Awards Dodho, Finalist
2022 Px3 Paris, 2x HM, People/Street
2022 IPA, 2x HM, Smartphone/Children
2022 European Photography Awards, 3x Gold, B&W Lifestyle/France B&W/People-Children
2022 European Photography Awards, 8x HM
2022 Smartphone Contest Black & White Magazine, 3x Winner
2022 Monochromatic Awards Dodho, 2x Finalist
2022 Mobiography Awards, HM, B&W
2021 Px3 Paris, Bronze, Smartphone
2021 Px3 Paris, 3x HM, Smartphone/Domestic-Animals
2021 iPhone Photography Awards, HM, Lifestyle
2021 IPA, 2x HM, People/Smartphone
2021 One Eyeland Top B&W, 12x Bronze
2021 One Eyeland Top B&W, 8x Finalist
2021 MPA, HM, Still Life
2020 Px3 Paris, 2x Bronze, Still Life/Children
2020 Px3 Paris, 6x HM, Smartphone/Street/Fine Art
2019 iPhone Photography Awards, HM, Lifestyle
2019 PHOTO magazine, Grand concours du monde, Laureate
2019 PHOTO magazine, Grand concours du monde, 3x Finalist
2018 Hotshoe B&W Photography Awards, Street Photographer of the Year
2018 IPA, OneShot Street Photo, 3rd Place, Mobile
2018 IPA, OneShot Street Photo, 3x HM, Mobile/Lifestyle
2017 IPA, 3x HM, Seasons/Wedding/Pets
2017 ViewBug Stairways Photo Contest, Winner, Amateur
2016 Hotshoe B&Wh Photography Awards, Travel Photographer of the Year
2016 IPA, Family of Men, HM
2016 Px3 Paris, HM, Nature-Seasons
2015 MPA, HM, People
2007 Samsung Competition Millimetres Matter, National Winner